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Funny Pics, Perfect Moment

What’s in a good photo?

What do you remember most about good photos? There’s no doubt lighting and composition will determine how the photo turns out. But one thing that overlooks even these two is perfect timing.

In this post, we’re going to share some of our best funny photos that were taken at just the right moment by skilled photographers.

Falling for you

Have you ever wondered how people react when you’ve slipped and are on your way to the ground? This wedding photographer captured this perfectly timed funny pic on his way down.


How could they not invite me for their girl’s photo? This doggo took matters into his paws, and it’s perfect.

What happens when you skip arm day?

This funny picture shows a person having one arm significantly smaller than the other.

Who said unicorns are mythical creatures?

This perfect moment shows a giraffe’s shadow looking like a unicorn.

RIP Coffee

In this photo, famous actor Jonah Hill drops his coffee when the lid comes off. A photographer was lucky enough to capture this perfect moment.

Poor doggo!

This pup seemed to miscalculate his jump in this perfectly timed photo. We hope the poor dog wasn’t hurt.

Rattled snake

This photo op with a gopher snake didn’t go to plan. However, the photographer did capture a perfect moment of the snake, declining the photo request. The good news is gopher snakes do not have venom that is dangerous to most humans.

Thank you very much!

This is my personal favorite funny pic. He seemed lost in the moment enjoying his ice cream, and the bird felt it was an invitation to partake as well.

We hope you liked these perfect moments as much as we did. Which was your favorite?