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40 Pics Without Context That Get Weirder and Weirder the Longer You Look at Them.

Whether you find it shocking, frightening, or entertaining – the unknown is intriguing. Perhaps we as humans are so mesmerized by the unknown from the adrenaline rush of discovering what’s hidden just out of sight or lurking right around the corner. Observing something mind-boggling carries its own unique satisfaction. There’s a corner of the internet dedicated to sharing photos guaranteed to fulfill that craving, and we’ve compiled some of the very best here for you. Don’t bother intellectualizing or even trying to understand these images, though. That’s the whole point, to leave the viewer stranded in a state of “what just happened?”

Bemused? Bewildered? It can be difficult to find the right words that truly capture how it feels to browse these photos. A bit lucid as if in a waking dream, where everything observed toes the line of a reality known so fondly. The weirder, the wilder – the better.  

Anything that deviates from accepted explanations of reality is welcome and the observer is left on their own to draw personal meaning and perhaps even joy from the content.

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