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7 Unexpected Travel Flops

Travel can expand our horizons, giving us a chance to take in new cultures, make new acquaintenses, and make memories that last forever. Whether you’re visiting the Wall of China, every island around Japan, or backpacked your way through Europe, your experiences will become a part of you. Keep reading for the most unique experiences from around the globe!

It Isn’t Easy Being Tall

This dutch traveler found himself in a pinch while visiting China. In China, the avergae height for guys is 5’5″, which means most buildings are designed for people of that height. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, the average height is 5’9″, which means our tourist friends found several obstacles.

Unnerving Yet Deluxe Hotel Room

When we reserve an hotel room, we tend to have a very set idea of what it is meant to be, but what when our expectations aren’t met, but exceeded? Sometimes you are surprised with an unexpected upgrade, or, like in this case, with whimsical features.

These tourists were equal parts freaked out and surprised when they found a bunker, a sauna, a dungeon and a golden mask within their hotel quarters.

Not So Know-It-All

When in vacation it is normal to try new things, but always with guidance. These young tourist decided he didn’t need any experience or knowledge to ride a boat. So he went ahead and bought a small boat to ride the waves with his friends.

Unfortunately, mother nature decided to show this know-it-all a lesson which concluded with his brand new boat trashed by the end of the week.

Bigger Than Life

Nature is wild and unpredictable for the most part. Many go through their lives nopt being able to apprecite every single one of nature’s creations.

So when this traveler found himself face to face with a moose he was not expecting the sher size of the animal. Many think a moose wouldn’t be much bigger than a deer. But they are way bigger.

Tale As Old As Time

One of the beuties of travelling is visiting places of history and art. Places where great things have happened and been created.

Unfortunately time is not very forgiving. Whether it is a historical monument or a piece of art, time will erode it. This was the lesson a very dissapointed tourist had to learn when visiting his favorite art installation.

Lost In Translation

When travelling we must always exoect translation errors somewhere. Some are unintelligible, some others are just hilarious.

In this case, a traveler found a sign at an airport in India that is both. We do not know if the sign is prohibiting bringing your alive eating carpet with you, or prohibiting you from eating the carpet. We agree with both notions.


When you hear stories about rude people in flights, you think it will never happen to you. I mean, what are the real chance of getting an outstandingly oblivious and thoughtless person close to you in a flight?

Well, it does happen and when you least expect it. Especially during long flights people will put their own comfort above everyone else’s. Entitled much.

The Photobomb

Photobombs tend to be the absolute worst most the time. They mean your beautiful long lasting photo is ruined or now depicts a whole different story than what you wanted it to. Fewer times they can be hilarious, enhancing your picture and memory of the trip.

Then, there are the rare cases where the photobomb is the best part of the picture, like this one.