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IT Nightmares From Not So Tech Savvy Users

Working tech support you will find every single kind of tech problem and tech user. While tech gurus are respected and sought for working miracles, sometimes they experience the same frustration all customer service workers know well.

Get a load of this list of 10 funny tech news stories that tech support workers have gotten from some of their more not so tech savvy clients and friends.

Electronics + Liquids = Fatal Error

Purchasing a MacBook is a wise investment for many, as it is also a huge one when those tinsy winsy laptops can retail for over $1,000. Knowing that information, it makes no sense to us why this client apparently decided to just forget  such a fancy piece of equipment for years after accidentally spilling coffee on it.

A SmartPhone Bent Like Beckham 

Though many of us might have gotten thicker during the whole shut down, smartphones just continue to get thinner with each new model. Phones are no longer like the strong reliable “brick Nokias,”  then now are often crushed or cracked. However, this tech expert was quite lost while servicing an iPhone that was completely bent, but only from the back part, leaving the screen functional.

Not The Meltdown You May Think

Acetone. Commonly known for having the superpower of removing nail polish and staining any material it falls on due to its corrosive nature. As fashionable as it may seem in the movies to be doing your nails while working on your computer, using acetone nail polish removers is the worst idea ever.

Let alone being that careless, this client spilled the acetone and forgot to wipe the underneath of her mouse.

PSA: Clean Your Keyboard

If you’ve been putting the same computer keyboard to use for a good minute,  the keys may start becoming sticky or not responding as well as they normally would. Many assume this is some tech error, maybe a loose cable. While the reality is actually way more disgusting yet simple.

Gunk, food crumbs, sweat, water, dirt, pet hair. Everything collects underneath the keyboard’s keys making them sticky. So do yourself and your keyboard a favor: avoid tech problems and bacteria; clean your keyboard.

Hand Sanitizer In The Times Of Home Office

Hand sanitizer became a must due to, well, recent global developments during the year 2020. Which is perfectly fine and good, using hand sanitizer to avoid the spreading of virus and bacteria is a great idea.

However, alcohol is known for two things other than disinfecting: being in hand sanitizers and corroding plastic. So, if your home office equipment happens to have a plastic casing, you want to make sure your hand sanitizer has dried before touching any of it.

Some Things Don’t Belong On The Walls

If you are used to creating your own PC builds, you’re probably familiar with the wall mounted build trend. There are many ways to make a wall mounted build, some use expert cable arrangement, other use glass cases or wood cuttings to keep everything organized. This guy, well, we hope whatever that is is a work in progress.

Wire Management Issues

Now, many of us are too lazy to tie together the different cables that go to different monitors and equipment, which we must admit is a terrible habit. But we can agree that knotted cables and having cables in the way of movement are big no-nos.

This person absolutely did not get the memo. Especially when it comes to hubs and servers, you want to make sure that all the cables are in order and easily identifiable.

Don’t Throw Your Laptop In The Washer

While yes, it is very important to keep your fans, keyboard, screen, and other parts of your laptop clean, there are right ways of cleaning them. None of which involve water.

This college student claimed his laptop was “accidentally” placed in the washing machine. Not sure how that can happen in an accident but if it is fixed, it will be the cleanest working laptop on Earth.

Just Your Average Printer Mishaps

Printers are famous for being some of the most temperamental pieces of hardware to ever exist. It is even rare to find a tech support person who likes working with them. However, we are not sure of how much help the tech guy will be when your printer is just causing the ink cartridges to explode everywhere.

The Ever-expanding Laptop

Some may think this laptop is just imitating the ever expanding universe. In reality, it’s more like it’s more likely imitating the Big Bang. Damaged batteries tend to start bulging and inflating when damaged due to all the pressurized content and chemicals reacting and trying to escape the casing.

With every laptop having its own battery, if you drop your laptop just the wrongest of ways, your laptop’s battery will start bulging, destroying your laptop from the inside out, and it could even explode.

We hope after reading these funny tech news stories that you can be a little more cautious and apply this to whenever you have your own tech mishap. In a time where technology is taking over, we might as well get used to taking better care of it.