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Epic Fails That Will Make Your Day

Many times when we try to pay the cheaper price for things, the results don’t meet the expectations at all. Or perhaps we try to be extra clever and things just don’t work the way we thought.

But when it is not happening to us, well…this sort of fails can be quite hilarious.

1.- They Are I D E N T I C A L

Not. Whether this is a work in progress or someone decided to just get up their chair and leave the salon after seeing their handiwork, we don’t know. But either-or, we know for sure the artist needs a bit more practice.

2.- Gnome Marriage

These rings are not fitting any regular size human, so they must be either a jewelry tool or marriage rings for gnomes.

If you ever shopped something online that came out to be not what you were expecting, you can be at peace at least it probably was not your wedding rings.

3.- Breakfast Confusion

Maybe this person did not need “walfools” this morning, but coffee to rise and shine. Those are some crazy ways to spell “waffles.”

4.- DIY Haircut

When it comes to things you care about, like your hair, it is best to get a professional. This poor man either got a cheap job or decided to use his own hair as an experiment project…and definitely did not like the results.

5.- Lost In Tra…Print?

We get the message. But any seriousness this tee might have wanted to convey with it’s message was completely lost and gone with the wind with that typo. ADORPION.

All we can say it is definitely a message to remember.

6.- False Advertising

This facemask is supposed to make you look like princess two ways. One, by moisturizing and providing nutrients to your skin; two, by putting princess Ariel’s face on you.

Unfortunately, no human has those anatomically disproportionate eyes to fit the mask’s drawing, which means you look like a horror character while you wear it.

7.- Practice Makes Perfect…Eventually

A+ for effort, but perfection is truly still far. It is quite the lengthy road to learn a new craft from scratch, but maybe starting with an easier project would be better for a beginner.

That way any beginner can avoid creating a Jabba the Hutt AND

8.-Honk, Jesus, Honk

Look, we have nothing against people being loud and proud of their faith. We don’t have anything against people covering their car with stickers either.

However, when it comes to letter stickers, you probably should choose their placement carefully. Because let’s be honest, this car is just looking chaotic asking Jesus to honk.

9.- If You Ever Feel Down…

…this zipper has literally no use, and someone out there decided this was a smart idea.

So we assure you if you feel silly or insecure, you at least did not design a t-shirt with a useless zipper on it.

10.- They Tried

See, the fact that they were even able to order that while drunk is impressive. Yet, it is a tragic fail that such a good opportunity was wanted on drunk typing.

11.- Online Clothes

First issue with online clothes shopping is the sizing. Most of the times you have to size up, and then guess when you might have to size down.

Worst case scenario, the garment will be NOTHING like what the pictures showed and just be a cheap imitation of an original product.

12.- Fail? Not A Fail?

Let’s be honest, this person 100% failed when it comes to flirting. However, he scored an A+ for honesty and personality. So while they failed on the original mission of using a corny pickup line, they succeeded on getting the girl’s interest.