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The Most Extraordinary Warning Signs That Will Keep You Laughing

All of us know what warning signs are. They are a part of many public spaces, and their primary aim is to warn the general public. However, there are many signs out there that are extraordinary. These are the kinds of signs that will make you question what they are trying to say.

These warning signs are funny, eccentric, and, most of all, unique. So, let’s dive into the most extraordinarily eccentric signs all over the world. You are guaranteed to laugh the whole time.

#1. A Piece Of Meat For Tigers

Some people don’t understand that tigers are dangerous creatures and not to be messed with at all costs. Such people don’t listen, and one needs to find a creative way to make them understand the dangers of getting too close to the tigers. The makers of this sign creatively did this so people can stay out of the dangerous area.

After all, no one wants to become a piece of delicious meat for the animals, and this sign is a reminder of that. Whoever sees this sign will think twice now before crossing the safety barriers. At least we hope they do.

#2. The Right Way To Observe Alligators

We can’t stop laughing at how funny this sign is. The sign illustrates the right way to observe an alligator using stick figures. Now, we get all the illustrations but what makes us laugh the most is the third one. After all, who decided to jump on an alligator and take it for a ride?

The zoo has seen some weird stuff happening, and they don’t want people to take the alligators for any more rides. You have to love the creativity of whoever made this sign. It is surely one-of-a-kind and makes you think twice about getting close with the gators.

#3. The Parachute That Never Opened

When you look at this sign at first, you realize it is just a normal ad for a parachute. However, as you keep reading, you realize that something is not right with the sign. It says only used once, never opened, and this makes us wonder if the parachute works or not.

Why would anyone want to buy a parachute that doesn’t open? It defeats the purpose of buying it in the first place. The maker of this sign either didn’t think this through or wanted people to know the fate that awaits them. All we know is we don’t want that parachute.

#4. Don’t Run Over Your Child With A Tractor

The sign makes us wonder what parents came here that almost ran their children with a tractor? It is not funny, but the sign makes us laugh because of how bizarre it is. It is just a warning sign that aims to tell parents to look after their children and keep an eye on them at all times.

Kids do wander around and may get into trouble or go somewhere they shouldn’t be. However, this sign maker has made sure parents know where their children are in an incredibly hilarious and creative way. It is always great to know where your children are.

#5. Prioritizing Animals

What seems like a normal warning sign at first comes with a plot twist. It warns you not to do anything that may lead to you falling. Makes sense, right? But then it goes on to say that if you fall, the animals will get sick. What a way for the sign to show that our lives don’t matter to them.

It is also a great way to show that the zoo cares about animals much more and doesn’t want anything to harm them. We do appreciate the creativity behind this, even if it is at our expense.

#6. If You Didn’t Post, It Didn’t Happen

People are so caught up with social media these days that instead of helping themselves or others in emergency cases, they post it first. This sign highlights this exact problem. It reminds people to exit the building in case of a fire safely, instead of posting it on social media.

A creative and exceptional way to remind people of the real priorities in life. It is a funny yet sad sign at the same time because it reminds us that we have put social media above our wellbeing. So, if you are in an emergency, will you tweet about it first or go to safety?

#7. Who’s The Fastest Of All?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fastest of all, the bull or us? We certainly don’t want to know the answer to this question, but the bull can cross the pasture in ten seconds, according to the sign. Unless you are Usain Bolt, you should not even attempt to cross the pasture.

Trespassing is a crime anyway, but when there is a bull on the other side, it can become incredibly dangerous. We love the witty sign because it reminds us we can’t outrun the bull no matter how much we try. That should deter anyone from crossing.

#8. Where Are You Abby?

Are you also sick of your employees not showing up for work? If you are, then be as creative as this Dairy Queen to make your employees come to work. The manager at Dairy Queen does not regret calling out Abby in this way at all. We hope after such blatant humiliation, Abby showed up for work.

Imagine the horror of finding this sign while crossing the Dairy Queen if you are Abby. We don’t think anyone has ever been called out this publicly for not showing up at work. Seriously, Abby, go to work already.

#9. The Bird That Doesn’t Care

We have all rebelled at some point in our lives. It is human nature to rebel and go against what we have been told. The sign shows us that this rebellious nature is part of the animal kingdom as well. The sign clearly doesn’t allow any birds, and yet the bird is on top of it.

The bird has had enough of humans telling them what to do, and it is doing what it wants to do. We laugh at the makers of this sign because did they really think that the birds would understand these signs?

#10. Beware Of Bat Shit

We are sure that this sign’s makers were seriously warning people, but we can’t help but laugh. After all, nobody wants to be a free toilet for the bats or any other bird or animal for that matter. The sign successfully captures people’s attention and reminds them what may happen if they stand directly under the bats.

One thing we wonder is that why would anyone want to visit a free-flying bat enclosure in the first place? Bats are already scary creatures and the possibility of them pooping on you makes the idea of visiting the enclosure seem even worse.