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Hilarious Photos Of Beach Vacations Gone Wrong

While many of us know how to kick back and relax at the beach, it’s safe to say that not everyone quite understands how to beach. In true form, we’re here to laugh at other people’s expense.

A Quick Sinker

Epic Beach FAIL: “Try backing up a little…”

Driving at high tide close to the water seems like a risky move, and now you know, it’s just not a good idea. Good luck finding a tow-truck that can go underwater.

What Sign?

Clearly, the sign isn’t doing its job. Let’s hope that the toxic sludge in the pipes doesn’t have too much of a long-lasting effect on these swimmers.

Buried Treasure

Looks like these guys have moved on from the whole “sinking-truck” situation and are now about to throw hands. The guy with the keys is caught red-handed.

Burning Beach

Beach parties are, of course, always a good time, but it seems like these two have taken it just a bit too far. Reserve the abstract antics for Burning Man guys, there are kids on the beach.

Dock Flop

First, you might want to check how deep the water is the next time you do a belly flop off a lake dock. Second, whoever the photographer is deserves a raise for snapping this moment.

Smile & Wave

It’s all fun and games until the wave rolls in. Luckily for us, this classic photo fail moment was caught on camera and will live in infamy.

Spa Day

Was he looking for sun coverage or did he just want to treat himself to a mud bath? Either way, this guy is using SPF 100% dirt.

No Horsing Around

If you do the crime, you gotta do the time. Horses can’t hang out at the beach in Bay County.

Wait… So, You CAN Horse Around?

Perhaps horses CAN hang at the beach, after all. Maybe if the last guy had a better costume like these horses, he wouldn’t be serving time.

A Very Good Boy

Forget the umbrella, let this good boy have the whole beach. Give him your chairs, towels, and all the money in your wallet. He deserves it.