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How Your Mattress And A Good Night’s Sleep Impacts Your Health

The right mattress is essential for getting a good night’s sleep. We usually don’t give much thought to how old are mattresses are but a host of issues may arise after six to eight years from your old mattress. Around 92 percent of people know that it is essential to have a supportive mattress according to The National Sleep Foundation report. An old mattress that does not give a good night’s sleep is not worth your time and or money. That is why people opt to save some money and purchase a brand new mattress. The following five reasons emphasize the need to have a proper mattress:

1. Stress Reduction

Look to sleep on a mattress that reduces stress and properly supports your body. The mattress should also reduce agitation, irritation, and you do not get to sleep properly at night. Experts did a study where one group slept on old mattress while the other group slept on new mattress. Candidates that slept on the old mattress experienced stress, fatigue, tiredness and irritation compared to those who slept on the new mattress.

2. Decrease in Allergic Conditions

An old mattress accumulates more dirt, mites and dust. These can trigger allergies, which leads to sneezing, rash or a running nose. Use a vacuum to thoroughly clean your mattress by getting it rid of dirt and leftover skin cells. If the mattress is too old, then the only solution is to replace the old mattress with a new one.

3. Cures Back Pain

Always look to purchase a mattress that supports your body type and sleep patterns. Some mattresses are ideal for side sleepers while others are better for those who sleep on their back. Choose a mattress that supports your neck, middle section of the back and support the base of your spine when you sleep. Doing this will tremendously reduce pain in your back and neck. Sleeping on a bed that properly cushions your body will cure any type of pain you been experiencing. 

4. Keep Your Weight In Check

Increasing weight is a notable problem among those who experience sleepless nights. You continue to gain weight if your old mattress stays with you. Make sure to change the mattress as soon as you can. For some, increase in weight sounds far-fetched, but it is a known fact that having a restless night can trigger cravings for hunger. Alternately, a sound, deep sleep can inspire healthy living. Ghrelin is a chemical that triggers hunger and makes you eat more. With a good night’s sleep, your body does not produce this chemical. People who sleep less at night have a tendency to consume snacks and oily foods throughout the day, which leads to obesity. 

5. Insufficient Pressure Points

You and spouse have different pressure points that need support throughout the night since you and your spouse probably do not weigh the same. A stiff and firm mattress can restrict blood flow through your body, which leads to the death of cells and bed sores. Alternately, a mattress that is soft may provide support that is insufficient for your body properly. What you need is a mattress that is neither too stiff nor too soft. An overly firm mattress aggravates sensitive pressure points. Skip the mattresses that causes body to ache or makes your limbs to go numb at the time of sleep. 


Your body needs proper care and rest to function properly. Replace your old mattress with the one that suits your sleeping patterns. Test the mattress before buying so that you do not end buying the wrong one. Buy a mattress that lets you sleep more comfortably. A good night’s sleep will have a notable impact on your life and health.