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The Best Hybrid SUVs for 2020

Are you thinking to finally get your hands-on on one of the best hybrid SUV but couldn’t because you have no idea what to opt for? If your answer to the question is yes then here is good news for you! After going through a detailed research, we have shortlisted some of the finest hybrid SUVs according to one’s need.

When going in its history, hybrid SUV was first introduced around 15 years back along with the launch of new model car of that time; Ford Escape Hybrid (2005).  Now, in today’s era almost every automobile company offers a competitive hybrid SUV. Therefore, having so many options to choose from makes a person confused big time.

So here we are at your service! As it is all about the budget and your requirement, keep reading and grab an idea what fits you best to get some interest behind the wheel.


Offering in 4 different levels of trim, 2020 Rav4 Hybrid is best if you have budget constraints as it can be yours within $30,000. No matter which of the trim; LE or XLE best goes with you, you will get your hand-on on 5 seats SUV in a competitive value. Having max storage space of 69.8 cubic feet, this hybrid SUV’s average estimated EPA is 41/38/40 mpg on city and highway both.

Having a ravishing design of bold headlight along with angular sheet metal, all-new Toyota Rav4 is the most potent hybrid version. It stands unique in Rav4 range as it has 219 horsepower, which is highest among others.


Toyota Highlander Hybrid is the most suitable car for you if you have a big family and all you want is a hybrid SUV. Consider yourself lucky; suiting your family needs, this Toyota hybrid comes at the starting price of $38,200. Regardless of its giant look, the highlander hybrid runs at an impressive rate of 36/35mpg for both city and highway.

The car has an impressive Apple car-play and Android Auto, a standard blind spot monitoring for traffic alert from rear side and a clout lift gate which is easily adjustable for height purposes.

All you could have is this exceptional hybrid SUV with just the right amount of fuel consumption along with economical pricing, if you are tired of looking for a traditional 8-seat car for your family.


Are you looking for the top-listed luxurious hybrid SUV available in the market? If yes, then the answer to your question is Lexus RX450H. This luxury car has its two variants. There is a two row model, having 5 seats whose starting price is $46,800 whereas there is another three row model, having 7 seats named as “RX450h L”. The latter one’s starting price is $50,510.

The price seems justified when it comes to this convenient hybrid SUV, giving you a feeling of luxury. It has a standard all-wheel drive, Apple car play and Android Auto and a bunch of assistance aid for driver and passengers for safety precautions.


There are people out there who think that the whole idea in the creation of Jeep Wrangler 4xe is irrelevant. Reason being, jeeps are generally taken as an off-roader, being all rough and tough whereas hybrid SUVs are for the refined routes and for the people who love to travel in HOV lane.  We too agree to the above given statement to some extent, but still, there are people out there who are off-roader and eco-minded. Such people would love to have Jeep Wrangler 4xe in hand.

This plug-in hybrid jeep has an engine having four cylinders of 2.0 liters and two electric motors. It has a battery pack of 17 kw H which impel the Wrangler to have a swift go on electric power for about 25 miles. It has 350 horsepower combined. This SUV is the best off-road hybrid one could ever have.


Kia Niro is the best hybrid SUV for you if what you are looking for is the small and elegant crossover. Even though Kia Niro is smaller in size, but still it is adequately spacious. Having 5 comfortable seats, it has the capacity to hold up to 54 cubic feet goods. Having pretty loaded features installed, this SUV has a touchscreen of 8-inches for infotainment, climate control for dual zone and an Apple car play and android auto.

The best part about Kia Niro is that it has an impressive EPA averages at an estimated 52/49/50 mpg in cite, highway and combined. It has a starting price of $23,490 which is not bad at all. It is undoubtedly the best pick for someone who is looking for a small hybrid SUV, having all the luxury in just the right price.


Within budget, you can pick up the best plug-in hybrid from the market in the form of Subaru Crosstrek. It is quite rare that you will be able to find a plug-in hybrid SUV with an MSRP of 36,155 dollars. What else do you need for your big family then a budget friendly car having standard-features of heated front seat, terrain management, all-wheel drive and a classical leather interior?

However, this hybrid SUV travels for 17 miles when on electric power whereas it has 148 horsepower. Anyway, it is still a Subaru as it is highly capable off-road.


A hybrid SUV is all about practicality and gas mileage rather than low to high top speed. Traditionally being called as “gas guzzlers”, the hybrid SUVS are specially designed for its owner to take a relaxing breath and feel good about what they own.

Here, the Porsche cayenne e-hybrid has a glitch! Rather than fuel economy, this Hybrid SUV is designed for performance and speed. In fact, its top speed is asserted at 157 mph, having an ability to sprint to 60 mph from zero within 4.5 seconds. Having such an awe-striking speed, it surely has some price to demand! The Cayenne E-hybrid comes with a starting price of $81,100.

If you can afford the Porsche cayenne e-hybrid, then there is no better choice for you to enjoy convenient traveling with your family

2020 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

Source: Subaru.com