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Local Cleaning Service Prices May Be More Affordable Than You Think

Maintaining a clean environment can help you feel more relaxed, leading to less stress and better rest. Cleaning your house on a regular basis also helps prevent grime, mold and invasive pests.

Perhaps most important of all, it can help protect you and your household from bacteria and germs. During these trying times, it’s critical that you keep your home and your family safe, but do you have the time and resources to meet the necessary cleaning standards?

The Benefits of a Professional Home Cleaning

While it’s true that homeowners can and should maintain a clean home, there’s just no substitute for a professional home cleaning. Experts are professionally trained and have access to products that achieve a deeper clean, all while maximizing efficiency. This means you can enjoy better results without struggling to find the time and energy to perform regular, thorough cleanings yourself. When you combine the peace of mind you can enjoy from professional results with more time and less stress, hiring a pro becomes an easy decision.

Hiring a housekeeper is easier than ever with technology and online access. Most companies make it easy to get an estimate, schedule services and even make payments directly on their website. With so many professional cleaning companies to choose from, you can create a customized cleaning plan that suits your personal needs.


Hiring professional housekeepers is an investment but the costs may be much more affordable than you think. This is especially true when you consider what you can do with the extra free time you’ll enjoy, saving you money in other ways. The average housecleaning service costs approximately $165. This assumes two pros are needed to clean an average-sized house with two or three bedrooms and one or two bathrooms. However, prices will vary greatly from home to home based on a variety of factors.

The size, number and type of rooms in your home can cause the price to shift up or down. Geographic location can also impact cost. Another component that determines price is the type of service requested by the homeowner. Most basic cleaning packages include:

  • Dusting, sweeping and mopping
  • Vacuuming
  • Wiping down surfaces
  • Changing bed linens (if clean options are provided)

Additional services often incur an extra charge. Available upgrades vary greatly between companies, so you’ll need to communicate with a local branch to determine what’s offered in your area.

Top National Housekeeping Companies

When it comes to hiring professional house cleaners, the possibilities are virtually limitless. To help you get started, here’s a quick look at some of the top companies nationwide.

Molly Maid® 

This company offers a 24-hour guarantee and flexible scheduling options. While base rates can be slightly higher than competitors, Molly Maid® does not require a contract commitment. They also offer free, in-home estimates with no obligation. However, their employees will not clean toys, pick up clutter, do laundry, or clean walls.

Merry Maids® 

This cleaning company offers numerous add-on, upgrade and a la carte options for homeowners, including wall cleaning and clutter pickup. Like most of its competition, Merry Maids® also offers a 24-hour guarantee, but can offer some additional perks and discounts to new customers. They also offer de-clutter, organization and whole-home disinfection services.

The Cleaning Authority® 

If you’re looking for a modern, more streamlined online experience, The Cleaning Authority® may be a good choice for you. This company boasts a user-friendly app and instant online quotes. They also use only environmentally responsible or sustainable cleaning products. As an added bonus, they have managers who will routinely perform on-site inspections to ensure consistent results.

The Maids® 

As the only official house cleaning partner of the Mr. Clean® brand, The Maids® uses products that many consumers have come to know and love for a thorough clean. They also use professional level HEPA filtration vacuum systems in every home. Another perk is their same-day option for homeowners who need help right away.


If you’re looking for more customizable options, like having your laundry and dishes done, use a company that hires out individual housekeepers. Care.com® lets you choose from a variety of local options. You can view references and reviews, message your personal housekeeper and even make payments in one streamlined platform.

Other Factors to Consider

While everyone can benefit from a professional home cleaning, there are some important factors to consider before asking for estimates and booking a pro. Take the time to evaluate your home and your needs before you schedule that first service.

Square Footage

It may be wise to determine if every room in your home needs professional attention on a regular basis. Have high-traffic areas cleaned more frequently. However, if you have a large home or numerous rooms in your house, consider limiting cleanings in areas that aren’t frequently used. This can help save on costs while also ensuring your high-priority items are always addressed first.

Type of Services Needed

What do you need the most help with in keeping your home clean? Are there some chores that are just to difficult for you to handle yourself? Whether they’re too labor intensive or too time-consuming to fit into your busy schedule, hiring housekeepers can help you get every job done. Many people find that having their home’s high and low surfaces cleaned on a regular basis is a much-needed help. This can include cleaning windows, baseboards and tall furniture or high shelves.


Most housekeeping services will cater to your needs, whether you want a cleaning one time, once a week, once a month or once a season. How often you want to have your home cleaned can determine which services you’ll need to schedule and can help you decide which tasks you should still plan to cover yourself. It will also impact your overall costs, since most companies offer a discounted rate for more frequent cleanings. Also, keep in mind that some companies will charge for a deep clean if it’s been a significant amount of time between services.

Are you ready to enjoy a cleaner and safer home? Consider hiring a professional house cleaner today so that you can protect your family and your belongings, all while enjoying more time for what matters most.