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A Brief Guide For Seniors About Medicare Changes In 2021

Are you one of those 22 million people who have Medicare Coverage? If yes, now is a great time to look at your coverage plans. Medicare is well known for its annual changes in coverage plans. The coverage is updated and improved and the customers are entitled to make changes in their insurance plans, explore and enroll in new ones during this enrollment period of two months. Senior and everyone else willing to get Medicare insurance must be vigilant to get the recent updates. One of the best methods not to miss a single update is to go online and perform some quick searches about the latest Medicare Updates.

Here we would like to inform you that the new changes become effective from January 1, 2021, and the condition is the same for everyone including, the pre-enrolled customers or the new ones. So don’t forget to relook at your current plans, learn more about the changes coming in the future and the effect caused by these changes. Go online and look for Medicare Coverage to find the best-suited ones that fulfill all your requirements.

Medicare has announced the 2021 changes and, you need to have complete knowledge about the upcoming changes to make an informed decision about re-enrolling in your current plan or completely choose a different one. Let’s have a look at the changes planned for 2021.

Increase In Telehealth Coverage & Services:

The demand for Telehealth services was already on the rise, and the pandemic has made it more essential. Telehealth services or Telemedicine enables people to speak to their doctor and medical health professionals from the comfort of their homes. You do not have to step outside to get expert medical advice. You can make a virtual appointment with a doctor and seek treatment for your ongoing medical conditions or have a detailed discussion about your health remotely. Telehealth services are perfect for senior citizens and people who are at higher risks of contracting diseases in an outdoor environment or a public place.

Considering all these things, Medicare has expanded their coverage plans and, in 2021, it will be offering more extra Telehealth services and coverage. This will enable the old age citizens to schedule a video call session with a doctor and licensed medical professionals to discuss their health problems just like an in-person visit. Medicare is increasing the flexibility in their coverage plans and insured customers can make an appointment with Telehealth providers of the following practice areas.

  1. Primary Care
  2. Endocrinology
  3. Cardiology
  4. Psychiatry
  5. Gynecology
  6. Dermatology.

Not all Medicare Advantage plans are offering the same Telehealth services and coverage, so it’s vital to compare their plans as some of them include more services. Go online and search for the fittest plans that include the best Telehealth coverage to take full advantage of this innovative service.

Improved Long Term Care Coverage:

Long Term Care Coverage is a principal concern of senior subscribers as Medicare and the Medicare Advantage plans have not focused much on this area. They were covering rehabilitate care and skilled services for a maximum of 100 days which was not enough for most old-age beneficiaries. Medicare has updated their terms and conditions related to Long Term Coverage and, in 2021, they are offering various added home care services that will benefit the seniors.

Following are some changes that are expected to occur in Medicare Advantages Plans for 1st Jan 2021:

  • Day Care Services For Adult Subscribers.
  • Personal Care Services provided at homes.
  • Monthly Allowance for OTC products.
  • Coverage for the installation of safety features at home like stair rail, wheelchair ramp, and grab bars.
  • Meal and grocery delivery services
  • Transportation Services ( e.g Lyft & Uber) to visit the doctors or fitness centers.

Every Medicare Advantage plan is different and so are their coverage options. You are entitled to receive the services as per the plan you have chosen.  Medicare Advantage Plans will not cover the expenses of seniors at an Assisted Living Facilities. Senior living independently can leverage from the medicare coverage and will encourage them to continue living independently with the support of Medicare Advantage plans.

More Options For Seniors With ESRD:

Previously Medicare Advantage Plans were available for people with End-Stage Renal Disease ( ESRD) under restricted circumstances. They were allowed to enroll only in a few plans, and the coverage was also limited. In the year 2020, Medicare relaxed these conditions and more people with ESRD were able to register for Medicare Advantage Plans.

In 2021, Medicare became more inclusive and seniors dealing with ESRD will have more new options. This will provide them myriad benefits. Seniors dealing with ESRD will have the option to save money on their medical care as typically Medicare Advantage Plans annual out of pocket costs can go up to $6700. Originally the figure was $15,000. This way senior beneficiaries can save big money.

Look Up Online:

If you are searching for more options and want to change your coverage plans by Medicare, open enrollment is the best time to do it. It is a once in a year opportunity when Medicare insured people can make changes and enroll in a brand-new plan. It’s recommended to explore all available options during this period and it is the best time to evaluate if you need an upgrade in your plans. 

Research is the key to find a suitable plan that meets your needs. So before you pick another Medicare plan take into account all the changes that will go live in 2021. Make an effort, search online, and then compare all the available options. Remember to pay particular attention to the insurance costs and out of pocket expenses. If you do proper homework and research, you can surely find the most suitable coverage plan according to your budget.