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Pack Your Laughter: Behold 35 Hilariously Battered Suitcases Courtesy of Airlines!

There’s nothing more fun than making your holiday travel plans come to fruition, especially if you’re planning to fly. However, airlines are getting more and more careless with people’s bags, resulting in damaged or lost luggage. We’ve rounded up the 35 worst pictures of damaged luggage as a reminder to pack some essentials in your carry-on or consider driving to your destination.

We don’t know exactly what happened to this bag, but we’re willing to bet it didn’t look like it’d been chewed before it got on the plane.

Bags are not the only thing that can get damaged. This laptop got in a fight with an airport baggage cart, and the cart won.

Everyone tells you how plastic suitcases are stronger than cloth, but neither can survive the airport.

At this point, we’re convinced there’s a baggage shredder in the back.

This bag held snowboard equipment. The airport decided to make it easy access.

At one point this was a surfboard marked “fragile.”

Again, plastic suitcases are no match for the airport.

Forklifts will always beat computers in combat.

The large footprint gives a clue as to what happened to this bag.

Air Portugal tried to fix their mistake with a lot of tape,

They got their “bag” back, but none of the contents.

This one looks like it just got sliced open.

Imagine seeing your bag hanging out on the tarmac while the plane starts to go up.

Honestly, this one is a miracle because the discs weren’t damaged.

This airline tried to make it all better with some plastic wrap.

While rare, stealing does happen. This person lost some wedding gifts and got a damaged bag.

We get TSA is just doing their job, but why do they have to go wild on everything?

Again, if TSA would take some care, these accidents wouldn’t happen.

We can’t quite figure out what happened to this one. We theorize it got hit by a baseball.

If you’re going to fly with collectibles, take them on your carry on.

This one is truly amazing. Cracked bag AND broken zippers.

We appreciate the airline employees who try to make it right, especially this trash sack job.

Honestly, we’re amazed the handle survived the carousel.

This bag is slowly disintegrating.

All the air got let out of this Nike AirMax backpack.

This person had some swords before the plane ride.

Another trash bag special.

This person traveled with a box. The box did not survive.

The next time we lose our bag, we’re checking the dumpster.

Apparently this one got burnt and run over.

This bag got shattered.

Once again, fragile stickers mean nothing at the airport.

This was once a functioning computer.

Never, ever pack anything you care about in the outside pocket. It will get destroyed.

We are going to assume a tiger was in TSA.

We hope these photos remind you to pack well and always carry essentials with you. Do you have an airline horror story with damaged or lost luggage? Let us know in the comments.