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Funny Breast Feeding Moments

Raising babies can be as tricky as it is entertaining. For your enjoyment, here are some of the top feeding moments. 

Although it can be a complex process, feeding is one of the best ways to nurture a baby. Indeed, breastfeeding provides the baby with a high level of nutrition and helps increase the bond between mom and baby, but it can also be quite comical. Moreover, learning to make light of the situation can really help a mom get through one of the most challenging aspects of parenting a growing infant/toddler. With that in mind, here is a list of some of the most common, funny baby feeding moments. 

The Leaky Faucet

One of the top most common funny breastfeeding moments is the leaky faucet, or when the breasts leak when a baby cries. On the one hand, the sound of a baby crying is enough to trigger mom to produce milk. On the other hand, unfortunately for breastfeeding moms, the sound of any baby is often enough to trigger the milk tap to start dripping. There is often nothing more embarrassing (and hilarious) for a new mom than unexpectedly leaking milk- all because a random baby started crying in the vicinity. 


Another funny breastfeeding moment is when the breasts become lopsided. Yes, most women are prone to some sort of symmetry issue in this area, but a breastfeeding mom is especially prone to this unfortunate aesthetic. This is primarily due to the fact that most babies favor one breast over the other. Over time, this causes the preferred breast to produce more milk, making that side appear much more prominent and/or fuller than the other one. Although this is a temporary condition, it is also quite funny to witness. 

Angry Breasts

Also, have you ever seen an angry breast? If not, try breastfeeding. Once the breasts get used to a set schedule, it can be challenging to change it. The breasts will become very hard and full, and they may even start dripping to get rid of the excess milk. Either way, when the breasts are overly engorged, it is kind of like having a botched breast augmentation; unsightly, yet, no one can look away. To relieve angry breasts, moms have to feed the baby, pump it out to save it for later, or just pump it and dump it. None of which is fun to do in front of mixed company. 

Nipple Confusion

No, we’re not talking about when the baby gets confused about the difference between mom’s nipples and the bottle; this is literally when a baby sees another pair of breasts and decides to try to use those as their source of milk. Sure, it’s totally innocent. But, nevertheless, it is both embarrassing and hilarious when a baby tries to rip another woman’s shirt off in public, especially when the mom is right there. Hello?! 

Need a Laugh?

Overall, if you’re a breastfeeding mom or simply know a woman who is breastfeeding, these stories are likely to hit home. Although they may be embarrassing, they are also ubiquitous. Learning to laugh at these moments can be one of the best things anyone can do to overcome the challenging aspects of nursing a baby. Either way, breastfeeding is an awarding task that requires learning to take the good with the bad. So, remember these stories next time you or a loved one need a laugh or extra motivation to help them get through the wonderful world of breastfeeding.