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The Best Samsung Phones of 2021

A good phone is considered a necessity by people these days. Although there are many options available in the market today, Samsung is a brand that is unparalleled in terms of quality. Due to Samsung’s excellent quality, avid Apple users have left the American brand behind in favor of the tech giant. After all, Samsung is the best option when looking at Android phones.

If you are looking for the best Samsung phones in the market, as of 2021, we have made your search easier by narrowing down the options below.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung’s Galaxy S10e is an excellent option for those searching for a quality smartphone from the company, that too – at the affordable price of $750. The design and features it offers, however, can compete with pricer Samsung models. 

This Samsung phone comes with a 5.8-inch screen. Inside, the smartphone has about 6 or 8GB of RAM, with a minimum storage capacity of 128GB. The phone is a good choice for photography lovers, as it comes with a front camera of 10 megapixels (mp) and two rear cameras — a 12 mp wide-angle one and a 16mp ultra-wide-angle.

The Samsung Galaxy S20

At $999, Samsung’s Galaxy S20 smartphone is pocket-friendly and high-performance. This phone’s most fantastic feature is the three rear cameras: a 12mp wide-angle camera and a 64mp telephoto one.

Apart from the stunning cameras, S20 has specs that stand out among the market’s best phones. This includes choosing between 8 or 12 GB of RAM, with a storage capacity starting from 128 GB, a battery of 4000 mAh, and an AMOLED screen of 6.2 inches. 

At present, these are the good deals available for this phone:

  • At Verizon, you can save about $750 if you trade your phone in towards purchasing a new line.
  • At Best buy, you can save about $50 on an Unlocked version of Galaxy S20 FE.
  • You can also buy the S20 FE for $424.99 — saving $275 — from Samsung itself by using eligible trade-ins.

Samsung Galaxy S21

From $799, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 is the tech giant’s latest and most improved model in its S20-product line. Primarily, there is the smartphone’s 6.2-inch durable display. There may be a drop in the resolution, but the 120 Hz refresh rate seems to make up for it. 

Furthermore, the S21’s new 888 chip offers rates that other models cannot match. As the latest Samsung phone available, it has plenty of good deals in the market:

  • With eligible trade-ins from Samsung, you can get this S2 5G for a mere $99.99 — saving $700;
  • At AT&T, you can receive a free Galaxy S21 5G with an eligible trade-in, and
  • At Xfinity Mobile, you can get the 128GB Samsung Galaxy S21 5G for just $16.67 a month.

The Galaxy Note 10+

Joining the company’s phablet line in 2019, the Note 10+ was a great addition to Samsung’s existing phablet line. With its 6.8-inch display, significant dimensions, and 196 grams of weight, the smartphone is a big one.

Accompanying Note 10+’s big screen are other features of the phablet, including 12 GB RAM, a 4,300mAh battery, and internal storage up to 512GB. The Note 10+ even comes with its own S pen stylus to make better use of the large display. Starting at the staggering price of $1,099.99, this phone will undoubtedly make a dent in anyone’s wallet. Fortunately for buyers, Samsung is offering a $200 discount when trading-in an eligible phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20

In summer 2020, Galaxy Note 20 took the smartphone world by surprise due to the plastic back. For $999.99, this phone is among the most expensive smartphones (plastic-back ones) out there. 

The giant smartphone has a screen of 6.7 inches, weighs 193g, and has suitable dimensions for display. Its large exterior holds 8GB RAM, a great processor, 128GB storage, and a battery of 4,300 mAh.

Despite being less pricey than Note 10+, Note 20 still costs a great deal. It’s good that these deals are now available:

  • With Samsung eligible trade-ins, you can get this phone for $449.99, saving $550;
  • At AT&T, for $10 a month, you can get this phone for an eligible trade-in, and;
  • At Best Buy, while activating a line with Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon, you can save $250 on this phone and get a free controller as well. 

Galaxy Z Fold 2

A foldable phone seemed like an impossibility to many people, but Samsung certainly proved the doubters wrong twice. Given that this phone is two phones that are attached at a seam, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is quite heavy: weighing about 282 grams. It has suitable dimensions, along with a 7.6-inch screen when fully unfolded. The exterior holds 256GB storage, 12GB RAM, and a high-performance processor to support these features. 

Unfortunately, the future has a price tag— that of $1,999.99, precisely. When buying it from Samsung, however, you can save a good deal – $1000.

So decide which one is well within your budget. Then head on to invest in one of the best Samsung phones out there!