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The Best Online Degrees of 2021

Finding a suitable career has always been a daunting decision to make. More often than not, when working a half time or a full-time job, giving time to studies seems like an impossible task. However, it is possible to draft a schedule that suits you the best with an online degree. These degrees seem to be more flexible and affordable. Also, when the world is moving towards remote ways of doing business, shouldn’t online learning be the best option to adapt to?

The career opportunities for students opting to study online has skyrocketed, because of which most of us get lost when researching or choosing what to do.

This article will tell you in which direction you can further go and excel in your new career.

If numbers don’t intimidate you, then consider an accounting degree. Advancing a career in this degree helps you mark your own space in firms because you rationalize everything based on numbers, ethics, and integrity. Your business acumen will give you an edge in decision making. Accounting jobs are always in demand. What’s noteworthy is that, on average, the salary for an accountant is $75,1550 per annum.1

all businesses need accountants, which implies job security and potential. Accountants also have the business sense to start a business or pursue certification to become a Professional Accountant.


If you believe in being the jack of all trades and want a career that encapsulates everything, then a business degree is just the right one for you. The degree opens an array of avenues for you. Graduates with a business degree have excelled in various fields from consultancy to management.

Professionals in business-related fields, on average, earn an income of $69,820. Not only that, employment in this relevant field is projected to grow by 5% in the following decade, which is quicker compared to the average overall.

Criminal Justice

Are you also the sort who’s fully engrossed while binging crime-related shows or movies? If the answer is a yes, then think about it; you are doing that for real. A usual degree for most but a promising one if you have a sense of purpose and motivation to earn $54,290 on average! Not to mention how, with every passing case, the amount only increases.

If you want to become a police officer, then this is the right degree for you as it sets you apart from other candidates. This degree can let you pursue a career and become a legal assistant, etc. All these careers are expected to grow by 5% in the following decade.

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If this reminds you of Rachel Zane from suits that you hit the nail! It sets you on the pathway of a legal officer or a lawyer. Paralegals have all the laws on the tip of their tongues and every corner of their brains. You can further specialize in a discipline that you like the most. From criminal law to bankruptcy law to family law, there are several avenues open for a paralegal.

Law is not an easy degree, but it’s worth it. Paralegals, on average, earn $51,740 annually. What’s better is that the field is anticipated to grow by 10% over the next ten years.


A degree in cybersecurity was not even thought about a few decades ago. Still, in today’s date-time, with an array of digital avenues springing a degree in cybersecurity gives you the immense potential to excel in mobility, job security, and earning ability. The economy worldwide is considered to generate 3.5 million vacant cybersecurity jobs globally by 2021. Keeping that in mind, we can say this profession will be the next big thing.

Data Science

Data science is undeniably one of the most demanding fields right now. A discipline that is a mix of subjects like math, programming, sciences, and statistics. Any field, from business to medicine, highly depends on data with each passing day. Hence, so is the dependence on data scientists going through the ceiling.

With an average base income of $113,736, this field is always in demand.

Healthcare Administration

To understand how hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and healthcare facilities work and contribute. one needs to enroll in a relevant degree, healthcare administration.

The degree is right for people with like-mindedness for the healthcare sector, but don’t have the means or ambition to train to become a doctor or a nurse. Healthcare administrators archetypally manage daily operations in the best manner possible.

People with this degree and in the relevant job sector can earn up to $100,980 annually. Also, the expected growth rate is 32% in the next ten years.


It might sound like it has a single straightway path, but that’s not true. Several avenues open in the healthcare industry. You can become as

·   Certified nursing associate;

·   Accredited practical nurse;

·   Listed nurse;

·   Nurse educationalist, or;

·   Research Analyst

Your potential to earn depends on the career path you choose. For example, the average pay for a nurse is $115,800 annually. This income is exclusive of the benefits. Nursing is projected to grow by 45% in the next decade.


An increase in mental health awareness has led to a rise in the demand for psychologists. An online degree in psychology can prove to be beneficial personally and professionally.

Personally, it benefits as you become more aware of your behaviors and the people you interact with and professionally. It opens a diverse range of fields, from being a life coach to a professor to a therapist.

Positive point can also be the expected salary of $80,370 per annum. And the sense of purpose you derive from helping others.


Teaching is a degree that gives birth to other degrees. This degree requires you to love people and be patient with them. It also requires you to train, something that can be easily done online.

The demand for this profession is always growing. Teachers, on average, earn $61,660 to $59,420 per annum and a lot of respect!

Where to begin

There are numerous factors and variables to ponder over when you scour through online learning degrees. Which university? What professors to go for? What are the prerequisites of the degree? Etc.

You might not know how to go about it but hold on; you have landed at the right place. You have taken the first step in the right direction, and for that, pat yourself!