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The Canadian International Auto Shows 2021: Entirely Online

2021: Canada’s two prime motor shows are taking place exclusively online.

The International automotive shows will be held in Toronto and Montreal, Canada. The shows will take place entirely online in the upcoming year. In-person events are moving entirely online amid Covid-19. Therefore, no physical presence will be entertained in the Canadian International Auto Show 2021.

Toronto’s online auto show will take place as originally planned, from 12 to 21 February. However, it will be held entirely online.

David McClean, Canadian International Automotive show’s Director of Marketing, in an interview said: “The show will be the first auto show in our history. This true event will amaze, excite, and drive the new automotive consumer market to the peak of spring’s purchasing season. As the pandemic changed the automotive landscape, we’ll change with it. This show will set a leading example of how the car world connects with people.”

Montreal’s virtual show will be held from 20 to 24 January. The online show will be free of cost for the participants.

According to the written statement of Francois Boisvert, President of Montreal’s Auto Show: “Skipping this show would have been much easier for us. But above everything, our goal is to stay honest to our mission, that is, to give Canadians a platform to help them discover the automotive market and to assist them in making dynamic choices, all in one place. Therefore, we decided to keep our tradition going, even if we have to move the event entirely online.”

Wrapping up!

Specifics of the car showcases and line-up for the Canadian International Auto Show 2021 have not been released yet. Let’s wait and find out if other auto shows (Chicago, Geneva, New York, Detroit, etc.) announce similar strategies for 2021 amid Covid-19.