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Portable Supplemental Oxygen Concentrator: How it can improve your life’s quality

Without a doubt, the utmost important way to live a healthy and long life is by getting appropriate oxygen. This is the reason why almost 1,500,000 American adults use supplemental oxygen to achieve a healthy life. This type of therapy does not only help you with respiratory conditions, but also it can prolong and improve your quality of life. Even though there are multiple ways of getting supplemental oxygen, a portable supplemental oxygen concentrator is a much more convenient and effective option. You can easily find portable supplemental oxygen concentrators on the internet that meet your requirements.

Portable supplemental oxygen concentrators do not only help you in breathing properly, but there are other health benefits that they offer. You can search online to know more about a portable supplemental oxygen concentrator and start enjoying its benefits.

Who Needs Supplemental Oxygen Treatment?

Supplemental oxygen treatment is beneficial for you if you have difficulty getting enough oxygen. A respiratory disorder can prevent the lungs from storing required oxygen, which resulted in difficulty in breathing. Consult your doctor if your oxygen level is below 60 mmHg. He may then prescribe you supplemental oxygen treatment.

There are various lung conditions that require supplemental oxygen, which include:

  • Pneumonia
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD
  • Asthma
  • Sleep apnea
  • Heart failure
  • Cystic fibrosis

Symptoms of Low Oxygen:

So, if you’re identified as having a respiratory disorder, you may require oxygen therapy depending on your lung condition. How to find out you need to test your lung condition? Following are some symptoms of having low oxygen levels:

  • Headache
  • Shortness or choking of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Restlessness
  • Rapid breathing or heartbeat
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Chest pain

What could be the reason behind experiencing a lower oxygen concentration level?

There are multiple reasons why a person experiences a low oxygen concentration level. You may experience symptoms of having low oxygen if you’re living in a place having low oxygen or pollution in the air, or your lungs lose their ability to absorb and release oxygen into the blood vessels, which further circulates oxygenated blood to other parts of your body.

Remember: If you are experiencing any symptoms of low oxygen level or your preceding health condition is getting worse, you must immediately seek medical support.

Benefits of Supplemental Oxygen Treatment

To help you improve the oxygen concentration of your lungs, your doctor may suggest supplemental oxygen treatment depending on your health condition.

Besides improvement in breathing, there are various other advantages of doing supplemental oxygen treatment, like reducing signs of fatigue, swollen ankles, and headache to help you live not only a healthy life but an active life. According to some studies, inhaling supplemental oxygen concentrator for 15 hours can possibly increase the survival for patients with specific conditions.

Furthermore, an essential element of living a healthy life is getting enough sleep. Certain chronic diseases like COPD make it difficult to have a sound sleep. Nonetheless, oxygen treatment can help you sleep an uninterrupted night by providing you enough supplemental oxygen.

Another benefit of supplemental oxygen treatment is to improve your mental awareness. Yes, low oxygen levels can cause you mental fogginess and irritation. Oxygen is necessary for your brain to function properly. Hence, with oxygen treatment, you could feel less irritated and more aware mentally.


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How Portable Oxygen Concentrators are More Convenient?

An oxygen concentrator can assist you in breathing properly when your body couldn’t do it naturally. On the other hand, a portable version of an oxygen concentrator gives you an unlimited amount of oxygen present in the air that won’t be available for you if you use traditional replacement tanks.

How does it do that? Well, portable oxygen concentrator filters and modifies the air present in your surroundings. Then, it delivers you the concentrated and purified oxygen present in your surrounding air.

So if your doctor recommends you supplemental oxygen treatment, here’s why you should choose a portable supplemental oxygen concentrator:

  • Easy to Move Around With

As portable oxygen concentrators do not come with large, heavy compressed tanks, it is much easier for you to travel with. They are much smaller and lighter. In addition, it is safe to fly with portable oxygen tanks as most of the kits are FAA approved, while traditional oxygen containers are not allowed on flights.

  1. User-friendly

Portable supplemental oxygen concentrators are much easier to use as they don’t require you to replace the compressor. Portable oxygen tanks use your surrounding air and deliver you purified and concentrated oxygen. That means now you don’t need to worry about the oxygen running out. Thus, if you charge your device or keep it connected to a power supply, you’re good to go with infinite oxygen!

  1. Exciting Accessories 

A portable supplemental oxygen tank allows you to make it more convenient and efficient. There are multiple accessories that you can buy to enhance your experience, like extra batteries to ensure your device stays charged all the time or a backpack to help you bring your device anywhere you go.

Wrapping Up

If you’re someone who’s suffering from low oxygen level illness, supplemental oxygen treatment can help you improve the quality of life. In particular, portable oxygen concentrators can make the process more efficient, convenient, and user-friendly for you.

The price of a portable supplemental oxygen concentrator starts from $1.5 thousand to $3.5 thousand, depending on the battery and accessories it offers. Moreover, a used-device can save you a few hundreds too, as their price varies from as little as 800 USD to 2,000 USD. You can search online to find out what devices are easily available for you.