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Around the World in 80 Buffets: A Foodie’s Guide to Eating and Escaping Judgment

Traveling might be about discovering new cultures, exploring unknown landscapes, and finding oneself, but let’s be honest, it’s really all about the food. And what better way to dive into the culinary delights of the world than through an international buffet binge? Join me as I recount my glorious journey ‘Around the World in 80 Buffets,’ where I’ve tackled more plates than a professional dishwasher and dodged more judgmental glances than a cat walking on a piano.

Chapter 1: The Great Buffet Beginnings

My journey began in the bustling city of Las Vegas, a mecca for buffet lovers. The Bellagio wasn’t just a hotel to me; it was a battlefield. Armed with nothing but a fork and a 24-hour pass, I embarked on what I can only describe as a spiritual journey. The first rule of Buffet Club: if you pace yourself, you’re already losing.

Chapter 2: Tokyo’s Technicolored Treats

Next, I found myself in Tokyo, where the buffets aren’t just about food; they’re about art. At a famous seafood buffet, I realized that Japanese chefs do not serve food; they bestow it, with each plate more delicately crafted than the last. I ate with my eyes first and my mouth second. The locals’ methodical approach to the buffet made my frenzied style stick out like a sore thumb in a manicure salon.

Chapter 3: The Parisian Pastry Pile-Up

In Paris, the buffets were less about quantity and more about an endless variety of cheese and pastries. Here, I learned that if you pronounce “croissant” correctly, you’re automatically forgiven for taking three at a time. My strategy was simple: nod thoughtfully with every bite, and everyone assumes you’re appreciating the subtle baking techniques.

Chapter 4: The Curry Marathon in Mumbai

Mumbai challenged my spice tolerance and my waistline. Indian buffets are where you go in thinking you know spices and come out realizing you knew nothing. The vibrant chaos of flavors left me both defeated and intrigued. As I went for my fifth helping of butter chicken, I caught a mix of awe and concern from fellow diners. My motto: sweat is just your body crying in joy.

Chapter 5: An Italian Opera of Options

Italy was where carbs were a love language. At a Roman buffet, I twirled pasta with more passion than a ballroom dancer. I learned that if you sigh deeply after each bite, people think you’re having a culinary epiphany rather than calculating how many gym hours each forkful would cost you.

Chapter 6: The Mexican Fiesta Faux-Pas

In Mexico City, I learned that a taco buffet is not just a meal; it’s a social event. Here, eating alone is like dancing alone at a wedding. I overcame this by befriending a local family who adopted me for the afternoon. Together, we navigated the buffet as if it were a team sport.

Chapter 7: The Dim Sum Dilemma in Hong Kong

Hong Kong taught me that dim sum is not just food; it’s a tactical game. Yum Cha is about sharing, but my solo status meant strategizing to get the best dishes as they came steaming by. My chopstick skills had to be as sharp as my elbows in the crowded restaurant.

Chapter 8: The Middle Eastern Mezze Mystery

In Dubai, the buffet tables groaned under the weight of mezze. I found that the trick to tackling this buffet was to act like a local: fill your plate once, eat slowly, and talk a lot. I discussed hummus techniques with an elderly Emirati gentleman to blend in. He was more interested in teaching me the correct way to eat tabbouleh than questioning my buffet choices.

Chapter 9: The All-American Eat-off

Back in the USA, in New York City, I faced the biggest challenge yet: the brunch buffet. Mimosa in one hand, plate in the other, I navigated through tables of judgmental gym-goers. My strategy was to balance out my plate with an equal amount of greens and bacon. Appearances matter.

Epilogue: The Buffet Enlightenment

80 buffets later, I’ve not only learned how to navigate the world through its food but also how to dodge the side-eye salad from the diet police. Each buffet taught me a lesson: from mastering the art of the discreet double-take at the dessert station to perfecting the ‘I’m just here for the taste’ expression.

So, to all the solo buffet warriors out there, remember this: your journey is not just about filling your plate, but about experiencing the world one bite at a time. Eat boldly, tip generously, and wear stretchy pants.