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Royal Scandals

The recent scandalizing conspiracy theories regarding the whereabouts of England’s Princess of Wales, Catherine Middleton, got us thinking about other royal scandals around the world that have occurred in recent history.

So, just to be clear, what you are about to read is meant for entertainment purposes only. Also, let it be known that no royals have been harmed in any way in the creation of this post.

Here we go.

Most monarchs believe they have been ordained by a higher power to their position and that they stand above mere mortals. We regular folk as we peek in from the outside, tend to only see the opulence, the shiny jewels, and the fancy gowns. We don’t realize they have the same the familial drama, the heartbreak, and the battles for survival we all have.

These are human beings after all; people just like us who are walking through life just as we are. The difference is that they are doing it in the glare of the public eye, for all the world to see.

Let’s take a look-see at some of the more recent royal scandals. Warning! Some of these scandals are just out there!

The United Kingdom

The British Royal family is no stranger to scandal. Here are some of the more memorable ones.

  1. Crisis at the Palace: When King George V passed away in 1936, his son Edward immediately became King of England – all while he was in the midst of a love affair with the very married Wallis Simpson.

    Mrs. Simpson filed for divorce in October of 1936 and in December 1936, King Edward abdicated the throne to be with the woman he loved. Mrs. Simpson’s divorce became final in May of 1937 and the couple married the very next day.
  2. Tampongate: Current King and Queen of England, Charles III and Camilla Parker Bowles have been pretty much together since way back in 1970 when they met and began an affair. But that relationship did not last long. After they broke up that time, Charles went off to the military and was deployed. In 1973, Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles.

    In 1977, Charles met Lady Diana Spencer. She was sixteen and Charles was dating her sister. Three years later, Charles and Diana began dating. They married in1981 and she became Princess of Wales.

    In December of 1989, the recording of a spicy phone conversation between Charles and Camilla in which he stated he wanted to be “her tampon” was leaked to the public. It was a major embarrassment for the royal family and still spoken about today.

    Six years later, in November of 1995, during an infamous interview, Princess Diana famously stated that “there were three people in her marriage” making it “a bit crowded” referring to the affair her husband continued with Camilla Parker Bowles throughout their marriage.

    Princess Diana, her rumored boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and chauffeur Henri Paul all died car accident on August 31, 1997 allegedly caused by paparazzi.
  3. #whereisKate?: The current Princess of Wales, Catherine Middleton, has recently been the subject of multiple scandalous and mysterious conspiracy theories. Her last public appearance was on Christmas Day, 2023. Three weeks later, an announcement was made by Kensington Palace –her and William’s residence and base of operations – that she would be hospitalized for planned abdominal surgery. For weeks afterward, (some would say still now, months later) there has been no sign of her anywhere. It has been alleged that even her staffers haven’t seen her.

    Photos and videos of her have been released by the palace, including one where she announces she has begun “preventative chemotherapy” for a cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately, major outlets have stated those photos and videos had been “manipulated” or have “AI generated” characteristics.

    Hopefully, she is safe and getting better.


  1. Nude Photos of a Prince: The late Prince Henrik of Denmark, husband of Queen Margrethe II was at the center of a scandal in 2012 when intimate photos of him appeared in “Se og Hør,” a Danish magazine bringing shame to the royal family, who sued the publishers.
  2. A Prince’s Controversial Statements: Comments made by the late Prince Henrik of Denmark bellyaching about the role he held as “Consort”. He believed he should have been given the title “King Consort” when his wife Margrethe ascended to the throne in 1972.

    He also griped about the fact that he would not be buried next to his wife in the Roskilde Cathedral when he passed away because the Cathedral is reserved just for monarchs of Denmark.
  1. You want a what?: Back in 1997, divorce was not a common occurrence when it came to European royalty. So, imagine old ladies clutching their pearls and all the media attention Princess Benedikte, the sister of Queen Margrethe II, received when she decided she wanted a divorce from her husband, Prince Richard of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.

    Ye Gods!


  1. You ARE the father!: Prince Albert II, the current monarch of Monaco, was at the center of a scandal when in 2003 Nicole Coste, a flight attendant accused him of being her son’s father. A legal battle ensued, and a DNA test was demanded. It was then confirmed what Nicole was alleging. Prince Albert had been proven to be the child’s father and had no choice but to publicly accept and legitimize the child.

    Oy vey!
  2. Rebel with a loving heart: Princess Stéphanie, the baby sister of Prince Albert II had a reputation for being a rebel. As a young woman, she and her antics had long been fodder for tabloids. Many of those stories stemmed from her relationships with married men, bodyguards and her dalliances in the fashion and music fields without much success.


  1. My Brother’s Keeper: In March of 1956, eighteen-year-old Prince (Infante) Juan Carlos of Spain shot his 22-caliber revolver into the forehead of his fourteen-year-old brother. The youngster died in his father’s arms and the death was ruled an accident. The family did not request an autopsy so one was not performed, and Juan Carlos went on to become King of Spain.

  2. Is that your money, honey?: The Spanish royals must be one of the most scandalous royals around! During his later years, King Juan Carlos I was alleged to have been involved in corruption, shady business deals and money laundering. It was also reported he had been receiving kickbacks on projects involving Saudi Arabian contracts.
  3. Another abdication?: King Juan Carlos I of Spain became the monarch of Spain on November 22, 1975. Rumors of his pending abdication began to take root after he was brutally criticized for going elephant hunting in Botswana in April of 2012 while Spain was dealing with a financial crisis. Finally, in June of 2014, Juan Carlos abdicated the throne saying he chose to do this because he “wanted his son, Crown Prince Felipe to ascend to the throne.”

    This man ruled Spain for 49 years; his reign ending in controversy, scandals, and gossip. He is now 85 years old and lives in self-imposed exile in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia.

You see? Royals are just like us!