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Encounters Beyond Earth: Investigating Alleged Alien Visitations and Abductions

There is an abundance of channels on YouTube dedicated to alien life, their alleged visits to Earth, the abduction of human beings, and the experiments extra-terrestrial beings have conducted on abductees.

Believers of this phenomenon argue that these encounters prove that alien life exists. Non-believers see tales of such incidents as hoaxes or dreams due to sleep disorders or some other psychological concern.
Let’s review the pattern that many alien abductions seem to follow.

  • Capture: Abductees have stated that during their encounter with aliens, they become inexplicably immobile, unable to resist or fight.
  • Examinations and Procedures: Both psychological and physically invasive procedures and tests have been conducted during abductions, including sexual liaisons.
  • Conference: The extraterrestrial often communicates with the human telepathically, but sometimes they use the abducted person’s language. Also, some abductees have reported they have been asked to interact with certain people for various purposes.
  • Tour: Apparently, aliens are hospitable enough to give you a tour of their ship.
  • Loss of Time: Upon returning to Earth, abductees often forget their experience. It is thought that this occurs out of fear, medical reasons, or both.
  • Return: Also, upon returning, the abductee is sometimes returned to a different location than the one where they were initially abducted, with inexplicable injuries or unkempt clothing.
  • Theophany: Some have described a feeling of intense love or a oneness with God as one would have on certain drugs.
  • Aftermath: The abductee is left having to deal with the psychological, physical, and social effects of their experience.

The number of people who have claimed to be abducted is unknown. For now, let’s keep an open mind about the subject and take a look at four of the most famous tales of alien abduction.

Antonio Villas Boas, Venezuela

On October 16, 1957, farmer Antonio Villas Boas reported seeing an egg-shaped craft with a red light above the fields where he worked. He tried to escape as it landed but was caught by short beings — about five feet tall and blue eyes and wearing grey overalls and helmets — and taken aboard the craft. They communicated with animal-like sounds.

Blood was taken from him before being taken to a room filled with gas, which made him sick. Soon, a woman entered the room. She had long blond hair and red pubic hair. They proceeded to engage in sex.

After they were done, the woman pointed at her stomach. Boas took it to mean that she would raise their child in space. This made Boas angry for being used in that way. He was eventually released.

Four hours had passed since his abduction.

Betty and Barney Hill

On September 20, 1961, Betty and Barney Hill spotted a bright light in the sky that erratically changed course as they drove through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Betty was convinced it was a UFO. Her husband was not.

Barney stopped the car, pulled out his gun, and investigated. He described the craft as being about the size of a jet, shaped like a pancake, and with radiant, bright lights. Both he and his wife attempted to go back to their car but were overwhelmed by drowsiness, and both fell unconscious.

When they returned home a few hours later, they had no memory of what happened or where they had been.

Later, during hypnosis, Barney described the creatures he encountered as having slanted eyes. He claimed experiments had been conducted on both his and his wife’s bodies. He stated the aliens took samples of his hair, skin, and nail clippings. In addition, a six-inch-long needed had been inserted into Betty’s stomach.

Betty stated she asked a being where they were. The response? “If you don’t know where you are, there wouldn’t be any point in telling you where I am.”

It has been said that Betty and Barney had traveled to Zeta Reticuli, a star system 39 light years away.

Frederick Valentich

Twenty-year-old experienced Australian pilot Frederick Valentich disappeared into thin air on October 21, 1978 while on a 125-nautical-mile training flight over the Bass Strait between Tasmania and the Australian mainland.

Yep, he was flying his plane when he was abducted!

While on the flight, he reported seeing an unidentified craft following him, and described it as having four bright lights and passed above him at extraordinary speed. However, the Melbourne Flight Service (MFS) insisted there was no traffic around him. Valentich told of the movements the craft made for five minutes before he began to experience engine trouble.

The MFS asked him again to describe the aircraft. Valentich replied: “It is hovering, and it’s not an aircraft.”

Those were his final words. The MFS assumed he crashed, but evidence of a crash or his body was never found.

Whitley Strieber

On the evening of December 26, 1985, science fiction author Whitley Strieber was abducted for the first time while sleeping alone in his cabin in Upstate New York.

Yes, he was “visited” multiple times!

On this night, he was awakened by a peculiar sound. He stated he saw a small non-human entity nearing his bed. The next thing he knew, it was morning. He felt disoriented and oddly aggressive upon waking. He also had no memory of what happened between the time he saw the being and when he realized consciousness. Those memories returned during a session of hypnosis.

A second encounter occurred, on June 6, 1998, again while he was asleep in a room at the Delta Chelsea Hotel in Toronto. He rose to open the door, assuming it was room service. Instead, it was an older-looking man, around 70 years old and about five and a half feet tall. He wore a dark turtleneck and charcoal pants.

Standing motionless, the being spent about an hour explaining the dangers of creating more evolved intelligence than its creator.