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Funny Potty-Training Photos

While children can be demanding at times, there’s no question that they can also be cute and adorable. We are reminded of this every day as we scroll through our social media and see children doing the most hilarious things that make us laugh until tears roll down our faces. We laugh even more if their escapades involve a potty. Now imagine if you were the child’s parent in most of those toilet-training situations – not so funny anymore, right?

As kids will be kids, deciding to start potty training your child means you will probably be in for quite a ride! You’ll definitely need your sense of humor. What better way to ease the tension of the journey than by looking through these funny potty-training photos we’ve curated just for you.

Bye-Bye Diapers

Did this bundle of cuteness think diapers were no longer needed since potty training has started? Or maybe the potty just wasn’t working, and baby figured out how to get rid of the diaper, have a wee-wee, and use another one to clean the floor. Whatever the baby’s thoughts were, there are now three wasted diapers!

New Age Potty Habits

If there is one thing children excel at, it is learning by watching. Almost everyone is guilty of taking their smartphone into the restroom whenever they want to relieve themselves so they can spend that time alone scrolling through their feed rather than staring into space. Your child probably heard your laughter on many occasions and peeked in to share in the fun. Here’s one who has understood that smartphones belong in the bathroom too and has decided to have fun while on the potty. Remember, your child will copy everything you do!

Potty Tantrums

Well, look at this! Not every day is rosy as you potty train your child. On some days, it will be a battle of wills between you and them, on others, it will be between them and the potty or toilet. Whichever it turns out to be, you can sing songs to them, read books, or offer rewards to them. You know your child best, so the choice is yours.

Exciting New Underwear

Children can be fascinated and excited about change if they are not overwhelmed by it. This is evident with this cute toddler trying on underwear in an any-which-way-but-on manner.

Dogs Want to Potty Train Too

If you own a dog, you will find that it will often get up to mischief along with your children. This one has probably witnessed the new activity and wants in on the fun. There’s toilet paper everywhere, and lots of mess to clean up. This reminds us to keep our dogs and other pets away from the potty-training area, or we will be cleaning up more than just our child’s mess.

What is This Magic?

Potty training your child means you get to put your thinking hat on and find ways to keep them on the potty long enough to go without throwing tantrums. This child’s parents seem to have mastered the art of keeping her focused as she is going in the potty and is having a lot of fun while at it. One might even call the moment a magical one.

If you don’t want your child wreaking havoc during potty training, then it might be a great idea to do so only on the weekends when you are home. This way, you can keep an eye on them and stop them from acting out. Know someone who might need this article as they potty-train their child? Then do share it and don’t keep the fun to yourself!