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Travel Around The World Through Your TV Screens- Top 10 Travel Shows Ever!

Source: Pixabay

Traveling makes everyone excited, and we all make plans to travel to our favorite destinations all the time. But wait! What to do with if your holiday leave doesn’t get approved or something else ruins your plans. Thanks to technology, we can virtually travel to any part of the world and experience the feeling of being in a new place. All you have to do is plug in your TV, grab your remote, and laze on your couch because we have compiled a list of best travel shows ever. Oh, wait, maybe you should order a snack first or just let the journey begin.

10. Departures:

Are you ready for a fun ride because Departures will take you everywhere? Two High School buddies, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach hit the road with Andre Dupuis behind the camera. The trio has a passion for traveling  the world while recording their authentic experiences. The award-winning television travel show is produced in Canada with an entirely unscripted genuine feel. The show is equally focused on the journey as it is on the destinations.

9. Travel Man:

Who doesn’t love celebrities and have a wish to travel with them? Travel Man can partially make this dream come true. The Light-hearted funny show is hosted by Richard Ayoade, who travels with a new celebrity in every episode. A fresh duo in each episode visit some popular cities across the globe for two days and make sure no tourist spot is left unexplored. The viewers will be engrossed in the show and laughing out loud due to the perpetual dose of Ayoade’s comedy throughout the episodes. The show is a must-see for travel addicts. Don’t forget to tune in this weekend or Now!

8. Long Way Round:

Sudden travel plans are the best, and if you want to experience one on your TV Screens, Long Way Round is the only way out. One day two Actors Ewan Mc Gregor and Charlie Boorman decided to become an adventurer and kick start their motorcycles for a journey all the way from London to NYC. The 10 episode travel series is a video documentation of the wild road trip. The show is very real and power-packed with amazing moments. The stars are journeying across North America, Asia and Europe amidst some terrific circumstances

7. Micheal Palin’s Travels:

Most of you know Micheal Palin from the popular Comedy Troupe of Monty Python, but the guy is a lot more than that. The talented comedian is also a successful  travel writer, which enabled him to create numerous documentaries for the world’s most prominent TV channels like BBC & Chanel 5. He started his exploration journey way back in 1988 and continues to this date. A few series may have a vintage feel, but the travel stories are showcased perfectly. Want to travel back in time? Palin is visiting the Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall so don’t forget to travel with him.

6.The Road Trick:

The Road Trick is a travel series with a magical twist because Adam Trent is traveling  and showing his magic skills and talents to everyone throughout the journey. The Road Trick isn’t focused on covering the tourist spots but rather highlights the hidden gems of the travel destinations. The show is an entertaining ride, and the reactions of the locals to Trent’s magic tricks are worth watching.

5.Gordon’s Great Escape:

Traveling  is incomplete without food, and who is the master of amazing food? Yes, you guessed it right! It’s Gordon Ramsey. “Gordon Great Escape” is a perfect blend of food and travel. The travel show is a unique concept, and the celebrity chef travels across South East Asia to get in-depth learning about this region’s culinary techniques. Gordon meets expert chefs of the region and as well as famous local cooks during the tour. We all are well aware of Ramsey’s sarcasm and blunt criticisms but this series will reveal another side of his personality as he is totally out of the comfort zone and traveling  to Asia for the first time.

4.An Idiot Abroad:

Everyone has a friend who always wants to escape traveling . Karl Pilkington is one such guy who is traveling  with Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais, the creators of An Idiot Abroad. The trio embarks on a journey to experience  some of the world’s unexplored cultures while Karl continues to be an idiot who hates every bit of the marvelous adventure.

3.The Amazing Race:

The Amazing Race has 31 seasons and more are in the pipeline.The format of the travel show is like a competition. Eleven teams are racing across the world, staying at multiple destinations throughout the journey. Every team has to complete some challenges to remain in the contest. The winning prize for the team who first arrives at the final destination after completing all the challenges is $1,000,000( one million) and rights for the season. The show is an Emmy Award Winner and is full of entertainment, thrill, and fun. 

2. The Kindness Diaries:

Do you easily cry during movies and enjoy thought-provoking shows?  Then The Kindness Diaries is the series for you. The show is available on Netflix in which the Host Leon Logoethis explores the world with a vintage motorbike and shows that kindness can replace every monetary thing in this world. Leon is an empath, and watching him on amazing adventures is definitely a treat. There are still countless kind people in the world, and the show highlights this fact. 

1.Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

How we can create a list of top 10 travel shows and not include Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. The travel series has nine seasons featuring mouth-watering foods, captivating destinations and a lively host. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest travel shows. Escape life for a little while and watch this show asap.