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Technology: How We Use It After The Pandemic

Technology after the pandemic has changed how we live our everyday lives. Prior to the
pandemic, virtually learning for public secondary education was basically unheard of, and
specialist doctor virtual visits were nonexistent. The pandemic has made some things have us asking, “Why didn’t we have this before?” And other things making us hate technology just a tad bit because we were so used to live before. Here are 6 things that have changed technology after the pandemic.

Good Change: Key-less Transactions

Do you remember having to put in your pin for your card constantly or having to sign your name on the checkout screen when shopping in person? It was always a small luxury to see a wireless or Bluetooth system that you could tap your card on before the pandemic, and now, they are everywhere. They are in small towns and in mom-and-pop stores, always making the transaction process a piece of cake. Receipts come texted or emailed, and there is no longer a waste of receipt paper that gets crumbled into your jeans and forgotten in your next wash cycle. A minor technological convenience, but one worth noting in terms of limiting the spread of germs and paper waste.

Bad Change: Virtual Doctor’s Appointments

This was a hard one, because going into the doctor while having COVID-19 meant you were a threat to other patients who could be significantly sicker. However, there are still things that need to be looked at by a doctor that a virtual screen can only do so much for. We cannot really blame doctors for taking this precautionary measure that benefits everyone involved, but we can take a moment to say it can suck sometimes to have to explain yourself virtually and not be able to show your provider what is going on. While still a good thing for the overall goal of not spreading the virus, it is still something that is hard to get used to and has become a difficult transition for a lot of elderly and/or those with serious conditions.

Good Change: Online Delivery

Online delivery services have become second nature. Getting groceries, household
necessities; anything is now possible to have delivered on the same day versus having to leave home to go shop. What used to be something only used for food, or items that would take a few days to get here, same delivery options have tran sformed shopping as we can now get whatever we need delivered straight to our doorstep.

Bad Change: Reliance on Electricity

The pandemic has made it extremely clear that we can do a lot from the home with Wi-Fi, but if the power goes out, then we are all screwed. Students, workers, anyone relying on Wi-Fi to do their daily jobs or classes needs the power to complete those things. The question of electricity being affordable, and a basic human right comes to light because of how many people who could not afford to work from home were sent to work out into the world and were exposed to COVID-19.
The system needs to be reviewed on how we approach electricity and Wi-Fi accessibility because of our reliance on it. This is not necessarily a bad thing in the grand scheme of things, but something that our government should be reviewing and considering.

Good Change: Social Networking Apps

Zoom meetings! Zoom gatherings! There was a lot this year that allowed to stay close to our friends and family. Zoom, Instagram, and Facebook, all had ways to video call loved phones and spend time with them. This also meant that meetings could become something done from home, reducing the need to work from an office. The technology found ways to make interacting with each other always accessible and brought together age groups that perhaps we’re not as experienced with technology as those who are. Personally, my grandmother had never touched a smartphone’s apps before the pandemic but found herself obsessed with all she could look upon Pinterest for knitting designs during and after it. The pandemic allowed time to learn new ways for all of us to be communicating via technology.

Businessman hand phone with virtual social media buttons

Bad Change: Social Networking Apps

With all the good things I just said about social networking apps after the pandemic, it was equally bad in that it does not replace in-person interactions. There is nothing like being able to give your loved ones a big hug, despite just how much we can do with online interaction.
Technology made itself clear that it cannot replace those moments shared in person, no matter how much we would like it to.

All in all, there have been many changes to how we view technology after the pandemic, but we cannot have advancement without some setbacks. Hopefully, we are able to all see each other comfortably and without fear of a virus soon, but until then, we have the technology to keep us communicating and always changing!