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These Photos of Puppies Will Brighten up Your Day

When life gets you down, look at photos of puppies. Everybody loves animals, and even if not all of us have the satisfaction of having a pet, we all get the satisfaction of looking at photos of them on the internet. It is amazing how much animals can warm our hearts, just by being themselves, and no animals have the power to warm our hearts more than puppies. 

Puppies are just so adorable and also so funny, sometimes you want to laugh, smile, and cry all at once while looking at them, while also wanting to squeeze them. The joy they give off is infectious, and they often do things that manage to be silly, sweet, and hilarious at the same time. Let’s take a look at some of the funniest and most charming puppy moments out there.

Some Much Needed R&R

Puppies are little bundles of energy, and they can drive you crazy when they get into their modes of running around and barking, but it does not take long for them to run out of fuel and plop down. When this happens, it’s just about the cutest thing ever, and this photo is one of the cutest examples of that.


This little pup goes for a walk with his mom every day when she comes home from work. They spent an hour at the park before this picture was taken, and clearly, the city life tires this guy out. His mom said he was passed out in this position for two hours! This puppy loves the window sill, even though he has a nice big dog bed to sleep on too. 


Puppies can be very naughty creatures, and before you get one, you really need to puppy proof your house. Whatever precautions you take, though, you are going to end up with a case like this, where your puppy wreaks havoc on something in your home. It’s horrible when it happens to you, but it’s hard not to find it funny in retrospect, or when it happens to someone else. 


Here you can see that classic puppy dog face that disarms you even when you want to be mad! This dog definitely got some stern discipline, having destroyed his human’s favorite pillow. However, we all know that nothing in our house is as special as our four legged friends, so we just have to forgive them. 

A Nice Place to Sit

Dogs can’t always tell where they are allowed to sit, and why would they? It makes sense that if there’s a place for them to plop their butts down, then they might as well just do it. That’s how we got this hilarious picture of a dog sitting on the dishwasher door. 


Maybe this puppy decided to jump on to lick some of the plates clean, as dogs just love to do, getting a taste of all these new, delicious things. It won’t be long until it grows up to be too big for the door, so might as well let the dog sit there while it still fits. 

Into the Bowl

One look at this photo, and all you can think is “Oh dear!” Every puppy owner has been in these disaster situations, where you wonder how you can ever train this dog. You just have to keep at it, stay firm, and hope in the few minutes when you do give the dog some freedom, as this dog’s owner did, that the dog doesn’t cause too much damage in that time. 


You can’t blame the dog, though. We make them go outside to potty, so why wouldn’t they think this rounded compartment is meant for keeping things? This little puppy probably thought he was just organizing his mommy’s makeup. Nice try!

A Locked Room Mystery

To minimize the damage when the owners can’t watch their puppies, it’s a good idea to keep them crated. However, even inside the crates, puppies can still figure out a way to be naughty. Sometimes when the owners come home, they’ll see something like what’s happening in this photo and wonder how in the world the dog did it!


This dog probably chewed up his toy or bed, but it’s likely far less damage than he would have caused when he was outside. You have to look at it from the dog’s perspective, though. Being locked up and not knowing when your humans will be back can be very stressful!


This hilarious photo of two huskies with their heads popping through the way looks as if the dogs are conspiring in something, discussing their secret plans out of the earshot of their owners. In all likelihood, they just want to get a peak out into the world. 


These huskies did not always have this wall, and they used to walk right over into the yard of their neighbor. However, the neighbor was afraid of dogs, so the owners put up the fence for them, while still giving them a chance to see the world with these windows!

Mother Hen and Her Pup

The best kind of animal photos are when two different species get together for a photo op. Seeing different kinds of animals interact with each other is the sweetest thing, and we see that here with this puppy and a hen. 


It looks as though the puppy tricked the hen into thinking she was the puppy’s own mom, and was keeping her baby warm. The farm where these animals live definitely has some wonderful animal interactions, and the dog’s owner says that the dog gets cold so it goes to different hens for warmth. So cute!

Dirty Dog

We may not want to touch them, but sometimes dirty dogs are even cuter than clean dogs! This photo is definitely an example of that. It looks like it is muddy out, and this dog clearly did not take any effort to avoid getting his paws dirty. 


It makes sense that the dog’s legs would get dirty walking through the mud, but with a muddy face as well, it’s clear the dog was up to no good. With the rest of his body so clean, it is even funnier. Whatever the dog did to make this happen, let’s hope it was worth it, because it definitely suffered through a bath after this!

A Quick Desk Nap

Ever been so exhausted that you just wanted to crash right at your desk? Well, that’s just what this dog did! His dad snapped this photo on a take your dog to work day, and even though there was work to be done, the dog’s dad decided not to wake his little pup. After all, sleeping puppies are the cutest.


Thankfully, his boss didn’t mind, as he loved the puppy too. If there’s one takeaway from this, it’s that more offices should have take your dog to work days!

Game Day

What’s unusual in this football loving home is that the dogs love to watch the football games as much as the humans! The family loves the Philadelphia Eagles, and though the dogs’ loyalty to the team might not be as strong as their owners’, they sure do enjoy watching the game, as you can see in this photo. 


This picture was taken on a live camera that lets the owners check in on their home when they are out. Everybody always wonders what their dogs are up to when they are home alone, and now technology has given us answers!

Gym Pup

Dogs can be pretty good at yoga, with downward dog having been adopted by humans, but how about gymnastics? Here you see a dog trying to do a somersault. He does not quite get there, but watching him try is the cutest darned thing.


His owners have commented on how he’s a smart puppy, and they’ve been trying to teach him some tricks. His legs are probably too small to push him into a full somersault, though. Still, he gets an A for effort, and of course he gets a treat too!

Rainbow Fur

You might think this picture was photoshopped, but it is actually real!  It was taken after a race where people spray paint on the runners. It is called the Color Run and takes place in Philadelphia every year. One of the runners had her boyfriend bring her dog, and they waited for her at the finish line.


At the end of the race, the dog’s owner gave her dog a big hug, and the dog got some color in the process! Thankfully, the paint is the kind that washes out easily. Maybe they should start letting the dogs run too!

Dog on the Roof

Everybody has stories of their dogs ending up in all sorts of places and causing all sorts of trouble, but a dog on the roof of a house is a new one. Somehow, in some way or another, this dog managed to climb up the roof, and then he was too scared to go back down!


Getting a large dog down from the roof is not so easy, and they needed the help of the fire police to get him down! Looking at the dog’s expression, it seems that he was not having the time of his life up there, so we can only hope it is a mistake he will not make twice. 

School for Dogs

Many people take their dogs for training, and for many puppies it is the only thing that works. Puppy school is a good way to keep your pets from being wild, peeing everywhere, and tearing the couch apart, even though we all know dogs that are beyond training.


These courses take place outside in a yard, and more ordinary classrooms probably would not be that useful for dogs. But this picture is super cute anyway. Seeing a puppy in a desk way too big for it is hilarious. I hope this dog is ready for a big day of learning!

Human Treats

All dogs love treats, but as delicious as they find doggy treats, nothing is better than human treats. Whether it is actually because they taste better, or it is just because human food is often the forbidden fruit for pups, something about human food makes it the most exciting thing in the world for dogs. 


You definitely should not give too much of your food to dogs, as it isn’t always good for them, but a little bit is okay. As was the case for this photo, Doritos had to sub in when the dog treats just could not be found. 

Riding in the Bag

Dog lovers can debate whether big dogs or small dogs are better, and there are definitely pros and cons to having each. One area where small dogs win out on is the ease of portability. They are so easy to take everywhere, and you can even carry them around in a bag!


This isn’t something that should be done all the time, as it is good to train dogs on their leashes, but there are situations where the bag is more convenient, and sometimes your dogs get tired. Plus, you have to admit, it’s pretty cute. If you have a puppy that will grow into a big dog, enjoy it while it lasts!

Please Forgive Us!

Dogs definitely live by the code of it being better to ask for forgiveness than permission. They just love doing something naughty and then giving us those puppy dog eyes, asking us to forgive them without them really apologizing. Of course, we always fall for it.


Falling for it is just what the owners of these puppies did after they made a mess out of the garden. I mean, how could you not forgive faces like these? Still, let us hope the owners took some precautions with their garden after this! They could definitely use a bigger wall. 

Nodding off in Class

Who hasn’t had trouble staying awake in class? We can all relate to sneaking in some naps here and there, much to the displeasure of the teacher. However, I don’t think anybody would complain about this puppy snoozing away! He’s too cute to get mad at. 


On top of that, better the dog is sleeping than being hyper and causing a distraction. What is the dog doing in the class in the first place, though? Considering the classroom is not full, this probably was not taken during ordinary class hours. 

Pinned Down

Cats and dogs will be forever linked together, the species whose relationship is one of those immortal truths of the universe, etched down through the eras to the point of being mythical. Dogs chase cats, and cats run from dogs.


While there are dogs who can keep their cool with the felines, and some cats that are more curious than others about the canines, the essentials of the relationship are consistent. What we have here is a dog who chased this cat and pinned it down. The dog means well, but the cat clearly does not want this attention. The cat also clearly feels betrayed that its owners are taking photos instead of intervening!

Big Hair

Dog fur needs to be maintained regularly, and a lot of times when the dogs go for their haircuts, they look pretty funny after. The person who took this photo is a groomer who loves to snap her clients after she grooms them, and she has gotten some great shots that she posts on to social media. 


One case was this poodle. The breed is known for their big hair, and the groomer took advantage of that by taking a blow dryer to make the hair go flying back. The dog looks like she is enjoying it! It’s like she’s popping her head out of the window in a car. 

Right on the Keyboard

Of all the naughty things a puppy can do, this is definitely up there with the worse. It’s one thing to pee on the floor, but peeing on a laptop is another thing entirely! The best case scenario is that the computer is not used for essential work. However, this one happens to be the property of a freelance writer!


That’s a tough break for someone who makes her living writing, especially when a big part of the job is emailing people trying to find jobs. The dog wanted some attention and was trying to jump up, so his mom picked him up, and that’s how he got on the desk and made the keyboard his potty spot. She definitely won’t be bringing him into her workspace anymore!

All Swollen Up

This poor doggie’s face is all swollen up! Don’t you just want to cuddle him to make him feel better? This happened on a trip to the park. The dog was curious, as it is his nature to be, and was sniffing around in the gross. That’s when a bee stung him right on his snout!


His dad was with him, and he heard his boy yelp and came to find him. He was there for his poor pup, but the swelling did not last long, and after a few hours it was all fine. That’ll teach him not to play around with the bees!

Happy Birthday!

Most people don’t know their dog’s actual birthday, but many will either make one up or use the adoption day. For some dog lovers, they like to make a big deal out of the day, even if the dog doesn’t know what’s happening. Some might be surprised to see a birthday cake for a dog, but nobody is more surprised than the dog in this photo!


The look on his face is the kind of joy only a dog can give. This bone shaped cake is super cute, and we hot the dog got a nice big slice. It’s his day, after all, and why should the humans have all the fun?

Robot Attack

People may be afraid of a future where robots takeover, but most people understand that at least for the time being, the idea is science fiction. However, for dogs, the robot invasion has already started! As you can see here, the robotic vacuum scared the bejeezus out of this dog!


The vacuums are extremely convenient, saving people a lot of time and energy. It makes sense why they would be scary to dogs, though! Even a human who did not know what it was would be scared. 

Behind Enemy Lines?

While cats and dogs rarely get along, sometimes they have a completely loving relationship that is full of awwws along with the paws. In this photo, the cats of the house seem to love the new puppy, as if the dog is one of their toys, or even a kitty.


This dog is too young and little to scare the cats, and if anything, he seems pretty scared right now! Hopefully the animals all have a great relationship once he grows up. It seems like the big cat siblings are socializing him well so that he does not chase the cats when he is older, and anyway, it looks like they will always be the dominant ones!

Ready for His Close-Up

Tom Brady, one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks, posted this picture on his Facebook page, and it immediately went viral. The beagle’s name is Scooby, and this photograph appears to be a selfie, which is not an easy feat for a species lacking opposable thumbs.


This is definitely one photogenic dog. Of course, he has a lot to live up to. Not only is his dad a football star, but his mom is Gisele Bundchen, one of the world’s top supermodels! Now let’s see them pose together!

Go Sit in the Corner

It is hard to discipline something so cute, but sometimes it has to be done. If you let naughty dogs go unpunished, they will remain naughty for life. Whatever happened here, this dog’s behavior got him sent into the corner. He’s too small to cause too much trouble, but he probably has yet to be potty trained, so there was probably a little accident. 


Could you stay mad at this little puff ball? Probably not. Anyway, the dog does not seem too upset, and is mostly just curious about what’s above him, so he’s probably ready to come out of time out now. 

Pool Day

The German Shepherd you see here is so chillaxed that you could never guess that he’s being naughty. If anything, he looks like he’s in his natural habitat in this pool! However, he only snuck out and decided to take a dip when his parents were out. 


The kids in the house were supposed to be watching the dog, with explicit orders not to allow the dog in the pool! Well that went wrong. The reason the parents were so concerned is because they were afraid that the nails on his paws would cut into the liner. This dog does not want to cause any damage, he just wants to lounge at the pool!


Most dogs can tell when they did something wrong, and when their parents give them a good yelling at, they can feel shame and embarrassment. That’s clearly how this pug feels back there in the corner. Not only was he in time out, but he got a bigger dose of shame when he had to compare himself to his sibling, who is a model of good behavior. 


Nobody likes having to live up to their siblings, and this pug is definitely going through some feelings right now. I think his parents should not be so hard on him!

Nap Time 

Everybody could do with a good nap now and then. Even 20 minutes of napping in the afternoon will give you the rest you need to get through the rest of the day. As for puppies, their day consists of especially high amounts of napping. They give off spurts of energy, and then they crash.


Crashing is just what these bulldogs are doing in the photo. They are completely out of it, and it’s adorable. Their droopy faces combined with how they are laying might be the cutest thing in the world. I can imagine this was after some pretty intense playtime between these four puppies.

Following the Google Maps Car

This is one of the funniest instances of animals and technology interacting. For the street view on Google Maps, a car drives by with a special camera to take the photographs. One day when this was happening in South Korea, the Google car got chased by a dog! 


Sure enough, the dog showed up when people searched this area on Google Maps! In other words, this dog photobombed Google Street View. That’s pretty amazing, and this dog is so cute while doing it! If you know where to look on Google Maps, you can see even more pictures of the dog. 

How’d He End Up There?!

We all have moments with our dogs where we wonder how they managed to find their way into the cupboards, onto the counters, and somehow even in the neighbor’s house. This is a pretty extreme example of that, with this dog somehow being stuck between a fence and the fence’s lining!


This poor dog must be so scared! He probably dug a hole under the fence and then started climbing up between the fence and the lining and got his paws stuck in the fence. It probably hurts, so hopefully right after taking this photo they helped him down safely. 

Cat on the Cone

It’s so sad to see dogs in cones! Sometimes it is because they bite, and other times it is to keep them from licking irritated parts of their body, as is the case here, with this dog in a cone after getting neutered. If that was not bad enough, this puppy has a cat walking on her cone!


Let’s hope the cat meant no malice, because if this is a way for the cat to antagonize its sworn enemy of the house, then that is some cold hearted behavior! This dog clearly needs some rest, so hopefully the cat left it alone after this photo. 

On His Back 

French bulldogs have become very trendy in recent years, and are known to be pretty expensive too. Some people wonder why these funny looking dogs have become so popular, but once you meet one, you can’t not fall in love with them!


These dogs are always doing something funny, and this dog in the photo was playing around, jumped up, and landed on his back. He looks a little embarrassed by his oops, but when dogs get embarrassed, you have to make it up for them by giving lots of hugs, which you would want to do anyway when you see a face like that!

A Human Dog Bed

Dogs like having some sort of cushion to sit on rather than having to be on the hard floor, and somehow or another, this dog decided to make a pillow out of his human’s head! I think there are better ways to bond with your dog, but it is best not to judge and just enjoy the dog’s happiness at his new way of sitting.


The parents of the dog and his human cushion took this picture to share in a group chat with the family, and as you can tell, the dog has been wholly accepted into this family unit. Now why was this guy sitting face down on the ground in the first place?

Honey, I’m Home!

We are used to seeing dogs looking out of windows, so it’s a pretty funny sight seeing a dog trying to look in! This cutie likes to run outside when the door is open, and his parents got tired of it, so they decided that the dog needed to learn a lesson about running away.


Their plan was to close the door, lock it, and act as though nobody were home. I don’t know if the plan worked, but it was clever, if a bit cruel. Let’s hope that when the dog was let back in, he decided to be a good boy from that point on and stopped running out, otherwise his parents might have to teach him another lesson.


It’s so funny and cute when dogs show how smart they are, and this little dog is definitely a clever boy. He really loves his toys, and he according to his parents, when he is playing with them, you should leave him alone, as he can be very possessive about them. 


In the case of this photo, he wanted to play with his toys, and he wanted them all. Rather than take them each off the bed individually, he showed off his smarts and practiced some efficiency, dumping them all off the bed at once and sprawling them out across the floor!  

Self Awareness?

It is always fun to put dogs in front of mirrors and see if they can see themselves. They do not have the self awareness to be able to see themselves, though they definitely see something. When they first see mirrors, they sometimes get spooked and think they see other dogs rather than themselves!


That’s what is happening with the beagle in this photo. He went up and tried to give the dog he saw a sniff, not having the slightest clue that it was his own reflection he was curious about! Dogs never actually figure out the truth, they just seem to stop caring after a while.

On the Force

Dogs provide a huge public service just by being there for their humans, making them laugh and warming their hearts at all the right moments. Some dogs go the extra mile, though, and they train to help out with security, fire, and police departments. Let’s give it up for these heroes!


This little dog still has a long way to go, but I think he has a bright future ahead of him. He’s getting some training at a young age, and some years down the line he’ll be able to join the police dog academy. For now, his human can teach him some tricks in the backyard.

That’s a Good Boy

If there’s a face of a dog that deserves a pat on the head and the encouraging words of “good boy,” it’s this one. He looks like a dog version of a boy scout, one that is obedient and charming and is proud of those traits. Maybe he has a bit of a naughty side, but he means well.


His parents have said how the dog loves to run out and bury his toys into a hole that he digs. He loves his toys, which he has plenty of, and he always likes to show his parents his ability to bury things and dig them back up. It’s nice that he’s proud of his trick, which he learned all on his own.

Trapped Behind Pillows

This is definitely a case of little dog problems. This small dog looks like he was on the couch and fell behind these pillows, which are giant compared to him, and now he needs help getting out! It is cute, but he looks scared! Hopefully his parents helped him back out and gave him a big hug.


Another thought is that the dog is not stuck, but is just hiding, and his look of fear is at what’s out there. But what is out there? A bigger dog? A scary child? A cat? Whatever it is, this cutie will grow big and strong soon, and maybe he will shed his fear in the process!

Smushed in the Net

This is one hilarious picture, with three puppy siblings all taking a different approach to getting their heads through the net. The one on the left is clearly the cautious one, waiting to see how it goes with the other doggies. In the middle you have the dog whose head is firmly into the netting, looking proud and victorious.


Meanwhile, the dog on the right has kind of made a clown of himself, smushing his face in the net, getting his puppy wrinkles all tangled in it. It’s okay, though, because I happen to think that pup is the cutest of all, not in spite of his fail but because of it!

Tearing the House Down

We all love dogs, and there is almost nothing a dog could do to make us so mad that we’d think about getting rid of them. This dog definitely would push the limits for most people, though. Just looking at the photo, you want to scream, as this is the ultimate puppy nightmare.


Usually when we say a dog tore a house apart, we don’t mean it so literally. There is something very sweet about this, though. Maybe the reason the dog did all of this is because it missed its humans so much that it wanted to follow them when they left? I think this dog is a keeper after all. 

The Everlasting Battle

There are few things certain in this world, but we can be sure that just as the sun goes up in the morning and goes back down at night, cats and dogs will remain in conflict. We have seen many examples of that, and usually at worst one party is just very scared of the other, but we don’t often see a cat beating a dog up like this!


I hate to take sides in these matters, but let’s be honest, that’s one vicious looking cat! This poor puppy is going to be scarred for life. Oftentimes in the cat-dog war it is the dog that is the guilty party, but not here! If they have to live in the same home for the rest of their lives, let’s hope they can come to some sort of cease fire.

Downward Dog

It’s pretty cool that the yoga pose downward dog was inspired by a dog’s favorite lazy day stretching move. What they do so unassumingly, we do dressed in skintight clothing on special mats for health purposes. No matter how much we try, we’ll never get the pose as well as they do, and this little dog has really mastered it! 


I think he should teach a class, and it turns out that he actually does help teach. His mom is a yoga instructor, and he often comes to the studio for classes. I wonder what he thinks when he sees everyone in the class imitating his move!

Out for a Walk

What is going on here? If you drove by and saw this, you’d wonder if you went into an alternate universe! We can only assume that the photograph was staged, with the dogs’ owners setting it up, and judging by the looks on their faces, they probably took a handful of tries to get the photo right, because they look like they are so over it!


They may not look thrilled, and you shouldn’t torture your dogs just for a good photo op, but it’s such a funny photo that you can’t blame the owners, and it doesn’t really look that rough for them. It’s too bad we can’t enter into this dog world. Maybe one day they can make a movie out of it!

Time for a Swirly

Here you have puppies participating in what seems like a frat boy initiation prank. Giving someone a swirly is a classic way of humiliating someone, and why the dogs would want to do it to their sibling, and where they could have gotten the idea, we can only wonder. 


Dogs may be total sweeties who we love with all of our hearts, but that’s not to say they can’t be mean! Dogs definitely bully other dogs, but we give them a free pass, because they just don’t know any better. There could be more to this story, though. Maybe the dog fell into the bowl, and the other dogs were just trying to help him out…or jump in with him!

Not His Best Profile

This looks on first glance like the dog is furiously biting at the door. What’s really happening is that the dog just nodded off in this funny position, and his lip was pulled up by the door to expose his jaw. Not the most flattering way to fall asleep, especially since it makes him like scary when he’s actually super sweet!


Maybe he was nibbling at the wall when he started to doze off. That would make sense. He was sleeping so soundly that his parents did not want to wake him, but they couldn’t resist taking a snap of this silly guy! Now let’s hope none of us ever end up with photos like this!

Snooping Around

Some dogs come barreling into a room, confident and not caring who catches them doing whatever they feel like doing. Other dogs take it more cautiously, as if they were trained by cats, and you can see this tiny dog peeking his head through the railing on the stairs.


What you can see in the foreground is a squeaky toy that the dog’s human is holding. He squeezed it which got the dog’s attention, and that’s what brought him out this far. The dog definitely is weighing his options, because while the toy could just be to play with, it could also be a way to lure the dog inside of a crate. The owner has a tough time getting the dog to come downstairs, and he has to use the toy so much, he hears its squeaks while he is sleeping!

No Rules for Dogs

When it comes to dog toys, as well as human toys that dogs get their paws on, there aren’t set rules for how you are supposed to play with most of them. Ultimately, the dog can do whatever it wants, at least as far as the dog and the toy are concerned. The humans might have other ideas. 


This definitely falls into the category of not abiding to how humans think you are supposed to play with your toys. This belonged to the dog’s sister, who is a human, and there was no hole in it big enough to fit the dog’s head. He made this hole himself by chewing the toy, and then got stuck in it! Now let’s see if he can get out. 

Lunch Time, Nap Time

When you’re so hungry and so tired all at once, why not get the best of both worlds and go take a nap in the dog bowl? This adorable puppy did just that. As happens with puppies, a wave of sleepiness hits them in an instant, and they are out. My guess was that he was playing, felt hungry and went to eat, and then got the snooze signal and crashed into the bowl. 


The truth is that he decided to go in his bowl to defend his food from thieves. His brother was looking to steal some bites, so he got right in his bowl and plopped on top of his food. He couldn’t stay awake through his entire defensive effort, but it didn’t matter much, because there was no way to get to the food without waking him. 

Doggy Door Fail

Many kids go through doggy doors while they are small, and then one day they are too big for them, and they have a huge fail. Well, that’s what this dog went through, though it’s surprising he tried at all! This is a dog who definitely does not have any awareness about his own size.


It is typical of large dogs to not realize their size, and not realize how much they will overwhelm their humans when they jump on them and try sitting on their laps. You can’t blame the dog for wanting some fresh air, though. It turns out that the air conditioning was out in the house when this happened!

Falling In

This cute dog sunk into the couch in the gap where the cushions are and got stuck. These things happen, even to humans, though of course dogs are less likely to find themselves in this position, as they typically don’t even recline on their backs on couches in the first place. 


Maybe the couch has a nice texture that feels good when the dog rubs it, so he was laying on his back and writhing around to give himself some scratches. That’s my theory, but who knows! Anything is possible when it comes to silly puppies. 

Odd One Out

It’s totally possible for dogs of the same litter to have different colors and even be different breeds. That’s because more than one male dog can get a female dog pregnant at the same time! That may explain why this dog looks different from all of his brothers and sisters. 


The mom and this pup have a special relationship. He’s nibbling on his mom, which is a puppy way of showing love, and they are just so cute and cuddly together. As much as you may want to cuddle with them, you also want to let them be, because it is their time to bond!

A Fence Fit for a Puppy

It’s so funny seeing this miniature fence with a miniature dog standing right inside it. This fence was not meant for the dog, but was built for a flower bed, adding to the aesthetic charm of it. The dog saw it and saw an opportunity. Puppies see an opportunity in everything, don’t they?


As always, dogs have a poor sense of their own size. Unlike big dogs who think they are smaller, small dogs tend to think they are bigger, and they thought this fence was no match for him. Turns out he was wrong, and that’s how he ended up on top!

Caught Red Handed

This dog definitely has a look on his face like he did something wrong, and looking at his paws, you can only wonder! Maybe somebody made beets and he stole them. Or maybe he tried tie-dying. I bet he did not expect to get it all over his paws, and that’s why he has that look of shame!


Apparently this happened because pink food coloring was left on the counter and she knocked it down. Now I’m not giving the dog a free pass, but whoever left that up there should have known better! You can’t blame a dog for being curious, especially considering the humans usually leave yummy food on the counter. 

How They Really Feel 

What if cats and dogs have been playing us all along? What is their feud is just a front, and they are actually friends, putting on a show for us all this time? Why would they do this? What reason could possibly be behind this conspiracy/ We may never know, but these photographs do show some interesting evidence. 


The parents snapped these photos of their pets together when they saw them loving on each other, as you can see in the second photo. Then once the dog noticed they were being watched, he changed his tune completely, as you can see in the first picture. What’s going on here?!

A Puppy Helmet

What do you think is going on here? Did the dogs watch some medieval history movie and want armor of their own? Or maybe they are just so obsessed with food that they want to lick the pots and pans even when there’s nothing in them. Or there is no reasoning behind this at all. Puppies can find a way to play with anything, and they don’t need any rationalization. 


These kitchen tools will need a good scrubbing before they can be used again. Then again, they look pretty beat up anyway, so maybe the owners thought they’d just let the dogs have their way with them. These things tend to be pretty heavy, though, so let’s hope they don’t get hurt!

Plopped Down in the Center 

When we are so tired and need to crash when we aren’t at home, we try to do it discreetly. We will sit in the back of class, sneak off into an empty office, whatever we can to not start drooling and snoring in front of everyone. Not dogs, though! They’ll crash anywhere, no matter who is watching, or how inconvenient the spot they pick is for others. 


This dog hunkered down right in the middle of the aisle, and it is something all dog owners can relate to. Sometimes they just sit and won’t budge for anything, and there’s no rhyme or reason for them. Not that we love them any less for it!

Bed and Pillow

Basset hounds make me smile like few other breeds. They are so low to the ground, and so wrinkled and droopy, it is like gravity has a stronger impact on them than everything else around them. They look like they walked out of Salvador Dali’s melting clocks painting.


Basset hounds make you feel lazy just by looking at them, and looking at this fellow, don’t you just want to take a nap? Never mind if you don’t have a proper bed or pillow, you can make do with what you have! When it’s nap time, it’s nap time, and nothing can stop you, certainly not some plants pots. 

A Look of Shock

This dog is definitely surprised and possibly even horrified by something! It’s the look when someone else is confessing something horrible and you are thinking, “You did what?!” What could inspire this in a dog, we don’t know. Maybe it saw a cat on a leash and was shocked at how the world is changing. 


Dog expressions are just so funny, and there are so many times we see a look on their faces that we wish we could bottle up and capture forever, which is why smartphones are such a benefit to the world. Imagine how previous generations were deprived of being able to take endless photos of their pets!

I’m on a Boat!

If you thought the happiest a dog can be is with its head sticking out of the window of a car, think again. A dog on a boat is even happier, especially when he’s catching a nice breeze blowing through his hair. This adorable little pup definitely knows how lucky he is to be out on a boat on a beautiful day.


It’s probably his first time on a boat, but the dog in the back is a more seasoned sailor, able to enjoy his relaxation without making such a big deal out of it. Everything is more fun with dogs, so next time you are planning to go boating, bring them along!

One Too Many Drinks

This dog definitely looks like he had a wild night at a party, and is about to be hit with a brutal hangover. This totally innocent shot may have been staged, with someone placing the cup there after the dog slept, or the dog may have been licking as he slept, or the cup could have just rolled over onto him coincidentally after he passed out.


 Either way, it’s pretty darn hilarious, and adorable, and it is hard to not invent a story about the dog getting too drunk. For some reason, we love assigning human traits to dogs. It somehow makes them even cuter, and it makes our world a bit more fun. 

Yoga for Dogs

It turns out that downward dog is not the only yoga move dogs can pull off. Here we see this dog pulling off a move so well that it puts most people to shame. It should be inspiring, though, because if the funny shaped French bulldogs can do it so well, so can we!


While it is definitely a cute and funny picture, above all else it is very impressive! Apparently more and more people are teaching their dogs yoga, and there are even classes for dogs now, so this is definitely becoming a thing. For some reason, we just can’t seem to let dogs be dogs!

Perfect Balance

Is this another yoga move? Is it a dog taking a ballet class? Or is it just a dog begging for food? Whatever it is, it’s ridiculously cute, and this dog has some serious balancing skills. You can almost imagine him waddling around in this pose, like a penguin. 


We love when our dogs go on their hind legs, probably for the same reason we love personifying them, and it is definitely a good way for them to get what they want. When a dog stands like this in the kitchen, they’re definitely going to get some scraps of food. That’s just one of the unwritten rules of having a dog. 

Through the Looking Glass

Dogs getting their heads stuck in things is definitely a subgenre of its own in the world of animal photos. This dog getting his head stuck in a glass bowl is a great example of it, being better than most similar photos because it is see through, so you get to see the dog’s face in the process!


Of course, it is cute in the aftermath, but it can be a little scary when your pup’s head gets stuck! This picture looks like it may have been taken at a vet’s office, which is a good reminder that these things can be serious, and it is important to puppy proof your house!

Papoose for Dogs

A papoose is a Native American basket for parents to carry children on their backs. Baby backpack carriers have come back into fashion in recent years, letting people take their kids around in a more convenient way than strollers, and they can take them to places they otherwise could not, like on hikes. 


Of course, people have started using these for dogs now too! It may sound fun, and it may look cute, but we should really be asking how the dogs feel about it, because from the looks of it, this dog would rather just be on the ground. In fact, what is going on in this photo that he can’t put the dog down? Even if he’s so naughty that he can’t be let loose for a couple of minutes, that’s what crates are for!

Doggy Pillow

It’s always special when you have a dog big enough to act as a doggy pillow, and as you can see here, even dogs want to use doggy pillows. This cute case is of a puppy with his dad, and while the puppy is enjoying the ride, the father clearly just wants to be left alone.


Just like how dogs don’t realize their size, puppies are not the best judge of others’ feelings. No, not everybody wants to play all the time, and not everybody wants to be sat on either! However, as dogs grow up, they become surprisingly perceptive at reading emotions, as I’m sure this pup will be one day. 

How Much Is That Doggy in the Mailbox?

Maybe it is not something to be proud of, but we have definitely all put our dogs in some uncomfortable spaces to get a great photo. Whether it is a suitcase or the sink or the mailbox, as we can see here, there’s something just so cute about squeezing a dog into a surprising place where you would not ordinarily see them.


It’s all fun for us, but it scares the dogs, so you really should think twice about doing it, and if you feel you have to do something like this, give the dog some treats afterwards. They deserve it after a hard day of work! Hopefully the dog was put in there for the photo and taken out afterward, and they didn’t make him stay in there!

Bath Time

Most dogs hate getting baths. Of course they need them, and some need them more often than others, but dragging them into the sink, shower, bathtub, or under the hose can definitely be torture for a lot of them. Some dogs are into baths though, much to the relief of their owners. 


This cutie pie is one of those dogs! To be fair, this looks a lot more fun than most dog baths. For one, he is in this beautiful bowl, and two, he gets to be wet and bubbly while soaking up some sunshine, which dogs always love. Maybe there is a way to make dog baths more fun for dogs after all. 

Paws Can’t Reach the Pedals

Imagine you are driving in your car, and your dog is barking in the back. “Stop being a backseat driver,” you say, but your dog doesn’t stop. Finally you pull over and tell the dog to drive. Could that be what led to this photograph?


It is another example of how we can’t get enough of personifying our dogs! The only thing better than dogs doing dog things is dogs doing human things, and we never miss an opportunity to stage a photoshoot of them taking over the duties of their owners. Even if dogs could drive, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea, because they’d get distracted any time they saw a squirrel on the sidewalk. 

A Dog Food Critic?

Most dogs devour their food the second it is placed before them, jumping around excitedly as they wait for their meal. Not this guy, though. While some dogs are indifferent to food altogether, this dog definitely takes his food seriously. He just seems interested in it on another level.


Perhaps he is a dog food critic. He is staring at the food with a level of attention and devotion reserved for only the most disciplined culinary connoisseurs. He looks like he is ready to taste a pellet and jot down some tasting notes. Whatever it is, he definitely looks more thoughtful than most dogs. 

Not in My Coffee

You can slobber in my car, on my clothes, on my chair, all over my office, but just don’t slobber into my coffee! This photo of a dog catching some serious shut eye in someone’s office is just precious, and it’s hilarious to see the hand reaching out to save the coffee from whatever might fall from the dog’s face into it. 


We put dogs over most things, but if a lot of people had to choose between their dog and their morning coffee, that would be a tough call! This puppy looks like he could use some coffee himself, though, but it is probably best that he gets some sleep so his human can get some work done. 

Rough Night

Is that a dog or a teddy bear? Apparently it is a newfoundland, and they do look a lot like teddy bears, not to mention real bears. This dog likes to fall asleep like this for some reason, and although it really is not hygienic at all, it is definitely a cute pose. 


Why the dog likes to sleep like that, we don’t know. Maybe the house is too hot so the dog seeks a cool environment, which is understandable because it is so furry and is named after a ridiculously cold place. Maybe his humans should try turning up the A.C. for a few days. 

Romeo and Juliet

It turns out true love can be found between members of warring factions. Whatever the rest of the dogs and cats of the world might be doing, this doggy and kitty have chosen their own path, and it is the path of love. The world may have been against their union, and forces tried pushing them apart, but love triumphed over hate once and for all. 


Of course, maybe when they wake up they’ll wonder what in the world just happened, and they’ll go back to fighting. Why should we be so cynical, though? It is better to believe. Believe in love, believe in magic, and believe in dogs and cats living together in peace, once and for all. 

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool 

If you were just starting to believe in the union of dogs and cats, this will take you back to reality. This cat was chilling on this outdoor lounger when this dog came by and wanted to join, or just wanted to play with the cat. The cat did not want to play or share space on the lounger at all. 


Cats and dogs both give a lot of information with their tails, and while an alert dog’s tail shows excitement, that cat’s tail looks like it wants to teach the dog a lesson. That poor dog is about to get his heart broken! The puppy has to learn, though, and hopefully he’ll give the cat some more space in the future.

Neck Pillow

This puppy overheard his humans talking about how much they love their neck pillows, and how good they are for long distance traveling. Well the puppy wanted to try getting a neck pillow of his own, so he went to his dog daddy and used his neck as a pillow! It might not be what they had meant, but it sure felt good for the pup!


The dad seems to be contemplating why he ever had children in the first place, but he is too much of a sweety to push his puppy away. Sometimes you just have to accept a little discomfort for the ones you love. If there is one lesson to be learned from dogs, that might be it. 

Mad Scientist Pup

This dog looks like a mad scientist that just electrocuted his hair in a lab experiment gone wrong. Even if you think about the image more literally, it definitely looks like an experiment gone wrong, whether it is in the lab or in the bath. Never has a dog been in such a desperate need of a rinse, a towel, and a blow dryer.


Still, this ugly image might be one of the cutest dog photos ever. What is it about dogs that makes them so cute even when they are ugly? Maybe it is because on the inside, we know they have hearts of gold, and that is why there is no such thing as an ugly dog. 

Spreading Out for a Snooze

Who doesn’t love taking an afternoon snooze on the couch after a long day at the dog park? For this happy pup, it seems like an afternoon siesta was all he ever wanted in life. 


Normally, pups love cuddling up to their owners and curling in a ball, or even spreading themselves out and laying on their side or on their back… Needless to say, this isn’t usually how we see dogs laying down for a nap. He looks like a tiny, furry human, right? As long as he’s comfortable, that’s all that matters.