If you’re aiming for a demanding and lucrative career path, then having a data science degree might be the way to head. This area of study includes the use of statistical techniques, algorithms, and other mechanisms to derive data and gain insights into all forms of data. Much cooler, you don’t even have to visit any academy—you can receive a fully online degree in data science.

The amount of individuals earning a degree in data science has steadily increased over the last decade, and it is a degree that is in demand with companies. If you would like to receive a degree in data science, start looking for online data science courses offered today

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Here’s why the degrees of data sciences are popular and widespread:

Opens Doors of Opportunities

Data science is a very dynamic degree. You will learn a lot of transferable knowledge that can be transferred to different career fields, allowing you a preference for the job you choose to pursue on a full-time basis. Plus, Glassdoor rated it almost as the ideal score on employee productivity and the greatest overall job.

Data scientists are not only qualified, but they are also in high demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that mathematical science professions are expected to rise by 27.9% by 2026—with 50,400 new positions requiring eligible individuals to occupy them.

Data scientists are required in virtually every work field, from innovation to government defense, to industry, and even beyond. Organizations depend on these experts to analyze the related data and to find out how they can utilize it to better support customers and to succeed as a business.

Source of Decent Income

With several diverse areas of work to be weighed, there is a strong possibility to make a considerable amount of money as a data scientist. The overall pay you receive will rely on your skill set, your expertise, and your particular work at hand.

Since there are so many different positions that you can pursue with a data science degree in hand, you can evaluate your opportunities and determine if the salaries vary. It’s not rare for pays to be in the six-figure category.

Following are ten positions and their average pay:

  • Data Scientist: $139,840
  • Machine Learning Engineer: $114,826
  • Machine Learning Scientist: $114,121
  • Applications Architect: $113,757
  • Enterprise Architect: $110,663
  • Data Architect: $108,278
  • Infrastructure Architect: $107,309
  • Data Engineer: $102,864
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Developer: $81,514
  • Statistician: $76,884

Specialization in Skill Sets

Most data scientists need to be very knowledgeable since a lot of expertise is required to be competent in the profession. On average, 88% hold at least a Master’s degree, and 46% possess a Ph.D. The better your education, the more you will step out from other applicants and find jobs effectively.

Conventional path to becoming a data scientist involve:

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT, mathematics, physics, computer science, or other similar areas
  • Achieving a master’s degree in data or similar areas
  • Gaining expertise in the sector in which you expect to work

Some institutions may provide a particular degree in data science, but it is probable to enter this profession from other backgrounds, such as math or IT. Many wishing to be an excellent professional may also seek a doctorate.

Each education level helps you to expand your expertise and excel in a particular form of data science. For instance, someone might gain expertise and then become a data scientist and help automobile companies interpret consumer information to build marketing strategies. Conversely, a data analyst may work with the Department of Defense to assess the risk levels.

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Data science is a rapidly evolving career, demanding versatility, innovation, and logical thinking abilities. It is a critical role that businesses depend upon to help make choices that affect future strategies and outcomes.

Data scientists are often paid more than the average national salary. You can begin your road to achieving one by completing your bachelor’s degree and obtaining experiences as a student. To check out which academic institutions are offering online data science programs, start looking online. Evaluate a few institutions and their course curriculum to ensure you pick one that best suits your career objectives.