SUVs have experienced a recent surge in popularity over the last couple of years and for good reasons too. They offer style, power, and versatility among so many other goodies. The only thing that prevents us from experiencing all those factors above is the steep price rates they’re known for.

According to data from the Kelley Bluebook, buyers from the United States pay an average of $28,700 for a brand new SUV. Fortunately, there is another way for us to enjoy all of those perks and save up on money, buying a secondhand model. As a matter of fact, we can look up SUVs online that come well under a more affordable rate of $10,000.

Some SUVs from particular model years have proven to be more reliable than other types of SUVs. So when you’re looking for a second-hand car, you be sure to look for one that comes at the right price. Besides that, your potential SUV should be reliable and well-reviewed.

Honda CR-V (2006)

Given that it’s 2020, it’ll be challenging to hunt for a 2006 Honda CR-V model under 100,000 miles. But make no mistake, if this model comes with a clean history, then it is well worth the investment. This model is so liked because of its stable handling, spacious interior, and a wide array of safety features that are pretty standard for virtually all models.

This SUV can comfortably house about five people and has managed to maintain a substantial resale value ever since it was put up for sale. This particular model got a makeover in 2007, so you’ll have other options to consider if you desire another style. Expect to find yourself a second-hand CR-V somewhere between $3,325 to $9,697 based on whatever the model’s condition is.

Toyota Highlander (2006-2007)

Although this Toyota Highlander generation got its start in 2001, the 2006-2007 models are the cream of the crop. This passenger vehicle, which can house seven passengers, has various trims that have enabled it to score magnificently in just about any crash test imaginable.

The Toyota Highlander offers three engines: a 2.3 L 4-cylinder engine that delivers 155 horsepower, a 215 horsepower 3.3 L V6 engine, or a 268 horsepower gas-electric hybrid drivetrain. A second-hand 2007 Highlander can be bought somewhere between $4,451 to $6,978.

Nissan Murano (2009- 2014)

One of the most popular crossovers that buyers are keeping their eye on is the Nissan Murano. Buyers especially praise the Murano’s performance, smooth wheeling experience, and comfort, which is why many folks still favor it today. It’s also renowned for its fairly decent cargo space with 64 cubic feet of total volume.

The Nissan Murano comes packing with a 3.5 L V6 engine that is capable of offering consumers over 260 horsepower. Some of the models that came afterward may consist of modern features like navigation, a keyless ignition system, dual-panel glass moonroof, and heated leather seats. For a second hand 2009 model, expect the price to be somewhere between $4,404 to $6,233.

Hyundai Tucson (2010-2015)

The 2010-2015 Hyundai Tucson was designed to compete with the RAV4, CR-V, and Equinox, while at the same time also offering value-fixated drivers a tech-oriented and safe vehicle. You’ll find other exciting features in such models include Bluetooth, a backup camera, electronic stability control, and more.

Before the 2014 version, the Hyundai Tucson models consisted of a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine, whereas the 2014 model is known for boasting a 2L 4-cylinder engine that provided 164 horsepower. A 2010 model is available at $6,987, which is more affordable than its actual rate at $21,495.

Honda Accord Crosstour (2010-2015)

If you want an SUV coupe-style body, then the Honda Accord Crosstour is right up your alley. It got a redesign in 2010, allowing its four-door hatchback to come with a more modernized look. It’s versatility and exterior make this model a commendable alternative than a conventional SUV and is even more popular today than when it was first released.

The original Crosstour came with a 3.5 L V6 engine, although the 2012 and onwards models included a 4-cylinder engine upon a consumer’s consent. A pre-owned Accord Crosstour can come at an average of $7,425. However, if you were to exchange the vehicle you own right now, you can pay for the latest model for as little as $4,395.

Look Up Pre-Owned SUVs Online

There’s a vast range of second-hand SUVs that you can find online. But you’ll save more money if you opt for a used vehicle rather than a new one entirely. Be sure to keep an eye out for high consumer rated dealerships that offer quality inventory. And when you do find a model of your choosing, be sure to give it a test run, inspect its history, and see whether other interested clients and consumers have left good reviews about it.

If you’re looking for a used car dealership somewhere around your area, you’ll only find the answers you’re looking for by searching it up online. With any luck, you can also browse that dealership’s inventory online, without necessarily going by car.