After retirement seniors either stay at home or still have the desire to do something for themselves. They begin working in different domains as part-time or full-time employees which is very good and motivation for them. Just because a person is retired, it doesn’t mean that he should completely abandon work. There are many reasons for people to work after retirement; some would work for extra cash to support pension, some would work to make a good living or some would just work to have a good social and emotional well-being. Also, there are certain benefits for the employers in hiring the retirees such as their immense experience, great intellect, lifelong contacts, emotional intelligence and skills which could not be found in youngsters. Some of the old intellect and experience always comes in handy for many organizations.

Apart from the financial reasons, there are several non-financial reasons for the increase in the employment rate for seniors. It might include feeling productive, learning new things, preventing boredom, interacting with different people and passing their time in an efficient manner. If people find jobs in the right area, some of them are even getting a high paying job as well given that they are high in demand. It’s all about going in the right direction. Being an older citizen, you can also opt for part-time jobs so that you can have some time for yourself and the activities you will love!

As per the recent analysis by the Research Center of Pew on employment, it revealed that around 8 million Americans of age 65 and above are still employed. In the last decade, the number of employed seniors was around 4 million which has rapidly increased and almost doubled than the last analysis. Considering the demand and need of the hour, there are many employment options for the seniors to opt for.

Let’s have a look at how the seniors could make extra money and which jobs are in high demand for retirees.


Most of the people who retire on reaching a certain age have a sound experience in their field. They are well-aware of how things work and what are the main factors in/about any job. This is where their experience matters the most. If you are one of those seniors then you can still manage to get a decent job as a consultant in a particular field of yours. You can give advice, manage work, offer consultancy and make the most out of your experience. All you can do is begin by contacting your previous employers or close friends who might need a consultant in their firms. You can utilize your time and skills being a consultant. You will have flexible hours and a working model depending on how well you can accomplish your goals.

Tour Guide

If you love travelling and you have been across the world or have great knowledge about your city, then working as a tour guide would be the best option for you. You can discover new areas, different foods, lifestyles while you take groups or individuals for tours. For someone who is well aware of the architecture of the city would be the best fit for this position. You can work part-time or on certain days and share your knowledge and experiences with the people. The average rate which a tour guide charges are $12 to $13 which does not include any kind of tips.

Uber Driver

If you wish to have very flexible hours of your part-time job, you can begin working as a driver for ride-sharing companies. Some people like to drive and can roam around for hours. For such people, this is just the right kind of job.  Companies such as Uber or Lyft offer decent pay and a very flexible schedule as per your own will. You can begin or end whenever you find it feasible. These rides pay good money which is enough to work as an extra income for you. The minimum wage for a ride is $11 so if a person takes even 4-5 rides then still it would be a good option to pursue in your free days.


A job of a bartender is comparatively easier for the senior citizens who love to drink as well. The part-time shift as a bartender would give them that extra push that is needed to go through the month comfortably. Most of the bars are now considering hiring the older people behind the bars because they tend to be more cautious and careful about their work. They help around the bar with more dedication and honesty. Apart from the hourly rate they get, they also receive general amounts of tips. Such jobs can make you earn $20-$25 an hour which makes up a good amount for those who need money. These night shifts are a lot more beneficial for the part-timers.

Instructor or Tutor

Being an educator and having a love to teach students, is one thing that only a teacher possesses. If you have numerous years of experience in the education sector and now you have some extra hours, you can also make use of your time and experience and start working as a teacher, instructor, tutor or teaching assistant. The teachers who are old can share their wisdom and experience of life with their students. The knowledge they have could be used to help youngsters learn from their life experiences. Moreover, the working hours are quite flexible and the senior citizens could even work from their own home by providing home tuitions. The home tuitions would save them from the hassle of going to the institute and teaching the students. They could teach from the comfort of their own home.

Childcare Services Provider

Some people have unimaginable love for kids and they would handle them at any age. For such people, one of the high earning jobs would be that of childcare services. People who enjoy the company of kids and know how to manage with them would simply love this job! With the rush and hurry in everyone’s lives, both the parents are working to make the ends meet so they need someone to babysit their kids. It is difficult for the parents to trust any outsider and they would prefer someone from their family so if they get such a chance, you must avail it at once. You can either go to the kid’s place to babysit them or you can start a daycare at your own home for a few hours. In this way, you can earn a handsome amount by staying at your own home. Be mindful that childcare services generate great amounts of money.

Customer Service Representative

Another great option for the senior citizen would be to work as a customer service representative. This job is the best for those who have great patience to deal with the customers, answer their inquiries, have good communication skills, know multiple languages and have the ability to be calm when the customers become difficult to handle. The best part about this job is that it could be done from the comfort of your home. It also offers good payouts for odd working hours and is quite flexible and easier for many seniors. I would say these are one of the best options for many stay at home seniors. They have great experience in handling people so it would not be difficult to handle different types of people and resolve their issues.

Dog Walker

Dog walking has recently received a great deal of attention from the people living in the big cities. As they are busy with their jobs, they need someone to look after their dogs and take them for a walk. The pay rate for dog walking jobs is quite high and these people earn around $6,000 to $7,000 a month or more than $110,000 a year. If you have a love for dogs and you can spend time with them while exercising then this is the best job for you! This is one of the most popular careers now and what’s bad if you get a few extra bucks than the normal jobs. For people who live in the big cities, then this job would surely be a great source of income for you!


Being a seller is one of the easiest and simplest jobs these days. You must have hoarded stuff for decades and now is the time you could start selling stuff you have or what others are asking you to. There are tons of e-commerce websites such as eBay which allow the sellers to get good rates out of their experience. You have multiple years of experience, which you can utilize to help people in selling their goods at a decent rate and you can then earn from them.


Some people love plants, flowers and trees. In short, those who love gardening. If you are one of these individuals, you can immediately start as a part-time gardener. This part-time work would help you earn some extra money by doing what you love the most! You can choose areas nearby your home and decide on some days to work while you can take a rest on the remaining days.