Weddings hold some of the most intimate moments you want to preserve for the rest of your life. However, even after months and months of preparation, something inevitably may go wrong. All it takes is an unexpected event with the click of the camera, and ‘voila!’ a mortifying moment is forever preserved.

Of course, it is terrible at the moment. But, in the end, they may find themselves laughing about it later. So, buckle in for some hilariously unfortunate moments that surely left everyone around them with the mouths hanging open in shock. 

A “Not-So-Husband to Be” Moment

The groom’s defeated face does not need an explanation. The bride is probably thinking to call the wedding off. The groom should at least rent a car! You can see how embarrassed he is for this awkward moment. No man would want to be in his position. If I were him, I would hide in the car’s trunk.

Can you imagine yourself being the bride? Maybe he should start listening to her when she started complaining about the car making odd noises.

Innocence at Its Finest

Can you imagine a good shot being ruined by a simple misplacing of letters? Yes, you see that right. The lovely couple is either acting innocent or being intentional here. But, one is assured that the bride or the groom will cringe once they see this photo.

For the rest of their life, they will ask themselves from time to time why they did such a stunt and laugh about it. Or, regret it every time they see the photo and ask “Why?” five times before closing the photo album.

A Comedic Tragedy

As guests snicker watching the groom, our blindfolded hero gets more and more excited as he reaches out to the unknown leg. Surely, once he removed his blindfold, the guests would burst into laughter. Our poor groom would silently pray that no video or photos had been taken. But sadly for him, we already see the evidence.

The bride must be enjoying this moment. Who knows, she is probably the one behind the camera? She must be taking a lot of photos to show off to him after they got back from the honeymoon.

That’s the Spot!

A dog is a man’s – even a family’s – best friend, so it is understandable when the bride’s family wanted little Spotty to join their photo session. With Spotty nowhere to be found, the photographer started snapping photos, until he realized Spotty found his spot!

Spotty relieving himself in the background was not the cute pose the family had hoped for. However, before anyone noticed him, it was too late. It is a funny memory snapped for the future family to see and cherish.

What a “Moo-ving” Wedding Gift!

It is okay. You are not alone. We, too, are confused with what’s going on. But hey! The groom and bride are smiling. There must be a reason for it. Although, some of us may have a legitimate concern with the appearance of the bridal cow.

Is this part of an elaborate wedding gift? Does it represent something about their future married life? One thing is for sure they are the only ones who know what’s the moo-moo for. But, if this is the groom’s gift to the bride, then the bride seems to love it!

No leg day?

It is without the doubt that our couple here is genuinely happy. They are literally floating! Or are they? This cute photo was taken when the couple was jumping. Unfortunately, a cute photo cannot skip the fact that our bride here looks like she just lost both of her legs.

This photo looks like a prank photo. We just hope that the bride would still be happy with this photo and does not instruct the photographer to photoshop her legs.

Is It a Diamond?

With the looks of it, the bride is holding a jewelry box. Is it a ring or a piece of jewelry? Is she disappointed that it was not a diamond ring she was waiting for? Or, does she just love making that kind of face for the camera? However, everyone looks genuinely happy. 

Regardless if this is a practical joke or not, we hope the bride did not mind the thing inside the box. And that the groom does not have to see her “wacky” face.

Do You Want to Do the Bridal Keg Stand?

A lot of people are not familiar with the Bridal Keg Stand. So, it is no surprise when people get surprised by it. It is all fun and laughs. It seems everyone is enjoying it. However, can you laugh after you realize how miserable you look in your photo?

However, the bride seems to enjoy it. We can only wish she just drank a few taps of that beer and that the people carrying lifted her down slowly.

Walk Down the Aisle

One of the most memorable moments a bride can have is when her father walks her down the aisle for her wedding day. But, in this photo, this bride will clearly remember this moment for her father’s clumsiness. The poor bride can definitely hear the silent snickers behind her.

We can just hope her father did not tear her wedding veil in any way shape or form. If he did, then he is probably one of the clumsiest people on the planet!

Hey! Look at Me

Like a typical bride and groom, the couple here wanted a decent photo they could marvel for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, some couples even wanted their pets to be in these photos. However, one can agree that the angle of this photo is not what they are looking for. This cat seems to be enjoying the attention given to the couple and boldly stealing it from them.

Usually, a cute kitten photo would be nice. But, this will be the ‘butt’ of the joke in the wedding’s photo album once it gets printed!

Probably Skipping Steak for Dinner

A lovely farm-themed wedding would be nice, especially on a sunny day. Unfortunately, when the camera started snapping photos for the happy couple, an unexpected situation happened. The couple did not seem to notice it. The photographer must be composing himself really well to not laugh at the moment. Hopefully, no one is going to skip steak for the wedding buffet.

The couple seems lovely in this photo, and our couple in the background is taking it a little extra.

An Unfortunate Green Tale

The bridesmaids look lovely in their green dresses. Although the dresses are alike, it made them all glow. Hopefully, they do not wear the same undergarments, which caused this uncomfortable ‘wedgie.’ But this is quite an unfortunate event to be snapped. The photographer did not obviously want to take a photo of this scenario.

But who knows? Maybe our two bridesmaids are clever pranksters who made these epic prank photos for the couple to laugh about later.

A Deep and Devoted Faith

A lot of couples wanted to keep their wedding traditions. They wanted to celebrate their matrimony in a church or with a priest’s blessings. However, the couple here takes it to the next level. It seems they wanted to keep it authentic. Who knows, maybe they are really devout Christians. 

However, we cannot help but notice the ‘crucified’ man’s smile. Don’t you think he should not be smiling for being in such an interesting position?