Hilarious Animal Antics

Animals and pets are adorable, smart…and many times very silly. They may not realize it, but many things they do as they discover this world are just hilarious. The following 16 pictures are the perfect proof of that.

1. What Are You?

This pup is probably wondering why is the rock moving and appears to have a head. Is it a rock? Is it a toy? Or is it alive? Much confusion. Whichever it is, this pup is determined to find out what his quarry is and to play with it.

2. Same, Kenny, Same.

Something we can all agree on is that diets are no fun. Meaning we can all relate to poor Kenny’s suffering. Such a cute dog with the cutest little puppy face. How can anyone say no to Kenny?

3. Type A and Type B

When you spend a lot of time around your animals, you start to tell every single one of their personalities. In the case of horses, being such smart animals, the differences become starkly obvious. Personally, we would love to hang out with the horse in the background. But we are sure most type-A people would rather ride with the first horse.

4. Sleeping Buddy

We all like sleeping with comfort. Some sleep with a foot out, some prefer to sleep hugging a pillow or stuffed animal. In this bearded dragon’s case, he has a lizard toy. Whether he thinks it is one of his kind or not, it’s a mystery. What is for sure, is that he loves it.

5. Small Ouchie

When you have a hamster, you may think it is almost impossible to find a reason to take it to the vet. However, hamsters, like every pet, need veterinarian attention. We have decided this is the perfect photo to illustrate this fact. A tiny hamster with a tinier cast is ready to go home and start his recovery.

6. Brother From Another Mother

We all know dogs can be the sweetest and most loyal pets ever. But this same soft temperament can make a dog very malleable when raised with another species. This dog for example is probably convinced that he is a cat. We would not be surprised if one day the owner comes forward and says it even meows.

7. Nope. Look Again.

Yes, it does look like the world’s smallest hippo. No, it is not a hippo and isn’t related to hippos either. This is actually a rodent. A hairless guinea pig to be precise. Nowadays animals truly come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

8. Stinky Business

Not only do ferrets have a reputation of having a strong body odor. On top of that, this one decided to play hide and seek with stinky socks. We know this is a ferret, but it really weaseled its way around the house. Luckily it has the cutest face.

9. Topsy-Turvy

This turtle decided it deserved to go on vacation and explore the world. Maybe stop by the hallway, on his way to the living room. Unfortunately, as he made it to his first destination, the bathroom, he got into a minor accident. Thankfully, his human was able to aid him, though it put an early end to his trip.

10. Like Children

What makes pets so adorable is they are as innocent and sweet as babies. Unfortunately, that means that, as children do, they get into trouble pretty easily. This kitty doesn’t realize the danger his leg is in. All they care about is getting to the food.

11. Mama Hen

On every farm, there’s a nosy animal. Fortunately for this baby alpaca and its mom, on this farm is mama hen who is ready to babysit any day. Don’t worry baby alpaca, you will be protected as long as mama hen is there for you.

12. Complaints

This gecko has serious complaints regarding his habitat. The water is way too cold, and where is the sunlight?! He has specifically said he wanted his tank under the best spot of sunlight. So, since he can’t speak, he decided to give his owner a very clear sign.

13. Guilty As Charged

This dog has no remorse about what she just did. Her plan has been a success, now her human must leave the colorful light box alone and play with her. You can tell from her face how happy she is with her plan’s success.

14. Happy Groundhog Day

This groundhog was quite confused. They got him cupcakes! It must certainly be groundhog day…but that was months ago, right? Did they miss hibernation? So weird. Doesn’t matter to them really, all they care about is enjoying that soft sweetness.

15. One Of These Is Not Like The Other

This duck decided it was time to turn his life around. They were tired of just eating seeds and crumbs, they want seafood and shrimp now! So they decided to dress the part and become a flamingo. He already has some pink, they are sure that eventually the more shrimp they eat, the pinker they’ll get.

16. Banana For Bananas

They may look like a duster, but this is a very angry owl. This owl is convinced the banana is a great threat to their family. Someone must call 911 ASAP while he keeps an eye on it. This banana is a terrible danger if it leaves their sight.