Here’s How To Homeschool Your Kids Safely During COVID-19 -How to save money while homeschooling your kids during COVID-19

It is true that Covid-19 has changed the learning atmosphere for our kids. However, our role as adults to educate our children cannot be changed. And for certain families, this ensures that we have decided to carry on homeschooling for our children.

The transition is not only a huge shift for adults but for kids as well. So if you want to homeschool your children during the pandemic, you must learn the appropriate methods to educate them on the material efficiently while also focusing on your career. And so, you have to work out how to homeschool your children at a given time comfortably.

That could be a massive endeavor for a lot of us! Fortunately, there is an immense volume of resources to help you out. Therefore, we decided to bring you some of the great pieces of advice and tips to help you educate your child at home and take a considerable amount of the stress off your heads.

How to Spare Money While Homeschooling Your Children

During Covid-19 Outbreak

The overall cost of sending one child to high school is $11,732, as per the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI). But raising any homeschooled child ends up costing $600 yearly. Of course, when they are paid out of taxpayer dollars, many people don’t even realize the previous prices. But that’s always a very big piece of change to only take one kid to school!

So, instead of taking them to school, you will see how far less it already takes one kid to homeschool. But, the $600 amount comes right out of your wallet. Here are some of the many fantastic options to homeschool your children for even less:

Free resources for home education 

  1. Khan Academy:This site (one of my personal favorites) is free of cost. However, if you like it, you can make donations. You can register as a parent or teacher and then include your kids as pupils. They include a comprehensive list of groups by subject and age level. You can press on the course you want your child to take, and this will offer you a much more comprehensive description of the source material. In this manner, you can select which courses are better tailored for each kid. When you register your children under one of the courses, you can delegate them to study (with clear deadlines) for each class. You will see what they’ve finished and press on each specific test and see what’s wrong. That makes it simpler for you to decide which things you will need to work further on. You may also subscribe to a regular study for each lesson weekly.
  1. XSeries:The XSeries choice perfectly fits me, and I don’t believe my children will need a certification option. But the target area of EdX is not as broad as the Khan Academy. If your child is in high school, it would be nice to merge the two opportunities for extra variety in learning channels and subject content.
  2. EdX:EdX is another fantastic free opportunity when you have children in higher classes. EdX is a network used by a few renowned colleges and major companies to deliver free educational courses. The XSeries software is what you should be looking for, though. But, if you like confirmation of accomplishment, you can still register your child in the Certificate Program. This alternative costs money, while the XSeries is free.

School Clothes 

A further area where prices can quickly be decreased is clothes. Because your kids aren’t going to traditional school like other students, they do not need that much trendy back-to-school outfits to please their buddies. With so many kids connecting through video calls this academic year, you can comfortably get away with just buying a few clothes rather than a whole package. It’s going to spare you a great deal of money straight out from the start!

School Stationery Items

Many of the materials are likely to charge you extra money, including headsets and tablet devices/laptops. You will also normally not require items like bags, pencil boxes, and notepads. It will spare you a lot of money straight away just by deleting these things from your stock list. It would help if you first used what you currently have on board and then buy new things over the year as required.

That offers more space for you and your children to be imaginative with your current supplies while preserving money on the other side. And don’t hesitate to use the teaching materials from the nearest library. It is one of the top opportunities out there for free!


You don’t need to buy lunch packs, either. If your kids are not purchasing lunch at school or preparing lunch, there is another form of savings. Although the total cost of buying school lunch varies, it is about $2.50 per child’s lunch. Conversely, if your kid brings lunch, the total cost of lunch is about $1.60.

But, since you don’t need different food or packaging, having lunch at home will cost much less. And buying these items makes it more expensive than bulk grocery options. However, having meals at home typically costs far less cost per meal than any of the other alternatives. Furthermore, for a much greater victory, there are more options you can reduce your grocery bill and have your kids eat healthier at home!

Measures To Create Your Home as a Healthy Micro-School or Home-School Area

Whether you’re concerned about home education or micro-schooling, you have to make sure your children have a healthy place to study. If you want to keep your kids at homeschool, it’ll be a little better than if you decide to have a micro-school. Micro schooling requires a greater amount of students, so safety measures ought to be a little more in-depth to safeguard everybody to the best possible standard.

Anyway, here are a few tips you can consider to make your home school better for the children:


When you’re well-planned, everything becomes incredibly easy to manage. Start with a well-organized classroom setting.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Arrange one or more allocated classroom places in your house.
  • Use assigned bins for the organization of learning resources.
  • Make a jar for each child to transfer their learning resources after they’re finished utilizing them.

With a couple of organizational ideas, it can contribute to making the classroom environment better and healthier.

Separate/Individual Workspace

Making various separate workstations isn’t essential when you’re only schooling your kids at home. But if you have other kids educated at home, then consider creating the individual workspace.

It could theoretically be challenging to obey the six-foot guideline, based on your class set-up and how many pupils you have. But, if you’re especially considering micro-schooling, this can be a big factor in your strategy before you incorporate it for safety reasons.

If you can barely hit a distance of six feet, you have a range of unique choices to help minimize the risk.

  • Supplying masks to children who are closer to each other will assist with future exposure.
  • If you possess an open space to utilize it for education, it can also be a perfect option.
  • No matter what choices you select, be imaginative with the planning of multiple workstations.

Cleaning well 

With all going on around the world now with an outbreak, thorough sanitation is important. And if you educate your children at home, their well-being is of the greatest priority. But it is more paramount importance if you have other kids too at your home. If a kid who has been assigned to your care is ill, you could be responsible. And also, because the overall cost of having COVID-19 will be so high, it might charge you thousands of dollars. But it doesn’t even mention the shame of the kid being ill under your watch.

It is also important to ensure that everything is thoroughly washed and cleaned every day. Few ideas to better ensure that everything is cleaned correctly are as follows:

  • Using a sanitizer every day on both doorknobs and seating places
  • Clean each pupil’s container in the end and clean each object from top to bottom.
  • Clean and disinfect every eating place or toilet every day.
  • Be sure to store fresh towels or paper towels regularly.
  • Assess and fill all the soap dispensers every day.

Ensuring that the correct maintenance practices are followed regularly will help assure your pupils and your’ well-being.

A Significant Cost to Take Into Account: Insurance for Homeowners

If you are leaping some new education approaches, you must take your homeowners’ insurance into account. You’ll have to ensure that you have adequate protections in the areas of burning, private possessions, and accidents.

Also, whether you have a self-contained garage or sheds as a home education field, you’ll want to ensure that the new homeowner insurance plan covers losses. Many standard homeowners’ insurance plans would have ample minimum coverage. The easiest way to determine if you have adequate coverage is to review your new strategy with an advisor to determine where all the loopholes might be.

Young Alfred and Lemonade are some of the best firms selling very inexpensive homeowners’ insurance plans.

  1. Young Alfred:Young Alfred allows you to match different prices with a few of the top insurers – so it’s a perfect place to launch your quest.
  2. Lemonade:Lemonade provides a special insurance scheme, where all money charged to consumers that cannot be used for premiums is contributed to the charity of your (as well as other clients) choice.

If You’re Going To Engage Yourself Micro-Schooling, Do You Require Liability Insurance?

If you want to follow the micro-school path, you’re going to place yourself in a more precarious financial role. Whenever you want to start a company, you must always understand the liability element of whatever you are involved in.

Micro-schooling is a mixed combination of home-based and in-person conventional schooling, which may be deemed an extreme risk scenario. Therefore, particularly if you step up the homeowners’ insurance to the full standard, it might be prudent to try introducing a new liability insurance plan as well. Business liabilities insurance plans can aim to alleviate any risks that flow through most of the business. In this scenario, the whole micro-school curriculum will come under this framework.

Allstate is a great choice because it sells small company insurance plans. These plans can contain such topics as:

  • Coverage of company disruption
  • Coverage of company assets
  • Coverage of mistakes and inaccuracies
  • Specific coverage of liabilities
  • Coverage of outdoor property

How much insurance or choices you want will dictate how much the small company insurance expenses are. Typically, these plans are not too costly and are often valuable for security and stability of mind. Thus, if you haven’t contemplated incorporating liability protection yet, you must probably dig into it. Your children, company, and pocket will be thankful to you!

Bottom Line

It is a serious decision to plan to home school the children amid COVID-19. And with this option comes certainly a lot of future safety risks and costs to consider. Yet it can be done comfortably and far more cost-friendly if you have opted to home school your kids.

Think of all the possibilities and consequences carefully before you plunge in. Once you’ve explored every perspective and every possible free tool, and got whatever additional coverage needed to cover you and your family, then your kids will enjoy home school!