Gift Ideas: Make your loved ones happy all year long

Gift Ideas: Make your loved ones happy all year long

We warmly welcome the visitors to this gift guide site here. We will help you find the best gift ideas for your family and friends. As you all know that it’s the Christmas holidays and people will celebrate the New Year soon with the exchange of presents. The whole year has been dreadful because of the Covid-19 and making people stay home. We bring many things to shop on our site to maintain social distancing while you sit safely at home.

Though it’s been crowded with so many entries as the days are special since December started we still provide your service with excellence and quality products in no time.

Catch up with the following suggested ideas or shop around the site.

Hunt A Killer—for the puzzle/escape room fan

It’s a criminal investigation game about a murder and a detective hired you to solve the case. Your job is to go through the audio recordings, newspaper clippings, props, puzzles and with other clues to find out the murderer.  You will receive the sets in every box each month as you can do it within an hour with friends and family. There is another interesting and mysterious story every month, So your time investment will be worth it and you will enjoy it. It will be an entry to the fictional world and you can order next month’s box earlier if you like.

Price: Its price varies but the full game is $165.

Pipsticks—for the crafters and scrapbookers

If you have a friend who has been interested in stickers in childhood and grows with the love then these pipsticks bundles are great for him. This is also an amazing gift idea for the creative and animation lovers. You will receive a bundle of stickers each month and also can enjoy the ‘Kids Club’ for the little kids or ‘Pro Club’ pack for anyone who wants to fill the scrapbook.

Price: Starting prices are: $12/month

Barkbox—for the dog owners

This present is for the dog owners; they don’t need to buy treats and toys for their dogs once you give them a Barkbox. All the themes are adored each month like you’re gonna get a “Dog Giving” in the exciting month of November or “Lick or Treat” back in October, as the boxes are custom-made with the size of dog-like ‘super chewer’ with ultra-durable picks for dog chomp. It’s so fun!

Price: Prices starting at $23/ month

Coffee subscriptions—for the highly caffeinated

Coffee has been a part of life for almost everyone around the world, everyone loves to  drink coffee. We are here to provide you high-quality coffee bags for your friend who is a coffee lover and wants to taste all the brands that come in the way. You can encourage them to taste it for a better experience. Such as Mistobox, Red Bay Coffee,  Trade Coffee, and Angel’s Cup.

Price: Varies to the coffee jar

Book of the Month—for the one who wants to read more

Are you friends with a bookworm? Do they love reading exciting books all the time? Then here is the best gift for them each month that can be picked from one of five genre-spanning options at your doorstep. wow! they are not gonna go to the shop to buy theri choice. If they haven’t read the previous month they can skip next month easily. Your bookworms are going to love you after such a gift.

Price: Its price for three months is $50

Lovevery Play Kits—for the new baby (and their parents)

It’s time to celebrate the happiness of your friend who received the good news of the newborn baby. Lovevery play kit is a subscription box concept you can get monthly with the baby’s age. Such as newborn baby boxes focus on the high contrast items and things and later with toys, fine motor skills, etc. They also provide boxes for toddlers containing rhymes, counting, and matching puzzles that are safe for the baby. Although the price is high, the quality is amazing as we focus on baby care.

Price: Approx. $80/ box

Extra Crunch-For The Tech Crunch Reader:

This is gonna be so interesting for the Tech Crunch readers, You can just enroll yourself in their membership program that is “Extra Crunch” where you will be capable of staying with them on many exciting topics, like they are going to cover much about investments, hiring the best, and building a company. Not only this, on a daily basis they share a live chat with many popular and well-named people in the industry and discuss things where the audience is welcomed with compelling questions.

If you want to know about today’s fastest-growing companies, their formation as well as their strategies. You should join our  EC-1 series.

You should go for our gifting option  — check it out here!

Price: The starting prices will be $75 per year.

Maido in a Box—for the one with good handwriting

The store is best at providing a collection of writing pens and other stationery items owned by Japanese Kinokuniya. The quality is amazing and their great packeting will attract the one who loves to write. In a pandemic situation, you may have run out of pens and don’t want to go outside, so ordering the Maido box will be safe and best. As you will get your stuff right on the doorstep. They have started making monthly custom-made and themed boxes you can avail for yourself or to gift someone.

Price: $35

Succulent Studios—for the would-be green thumb

It is a pretty good gift for the people who love plantations as you can raise some plants in your backyard. You can get the services at your doorstep from the succulent studios as they help you find new plants,delivering and receiving for the dead plants. They are pretty and hard to kill. I am sure you are also going to love it after giving it to your friend. You will even appreciate the names of some plants like,  Lime Sparkler and Superbum. They also replace the plants if you want.

Price: $16.50 for 2 plants/ month

MORE WINE—for the buddy who likes wine

You may have tasted many wines of different brands as there are many other services of delivering wine to your doorstep. But Winc has the brilliant quiz to take so they get to know what wine is exactly according to your taste or would suit you. If you want to make a present of wine to your friend then you must consider the worthy wine from Cellars Wine Club or other themes imported from around the globe.  TechCrunch’s likes Gargoyle Wine Club, with the admonition that it has the shipping order only to Canada. You can set your taste and order wine for any occasion.

Price: The price varies to the brands but generally costs $60 to $80/ box.

Try the World—Only for the commuters who are unable to travel at the moment

Traveling is experiencing different places with many cultures and culinary or regional staples like snacks, candies, goodies, and other grocery items. People love to buy all those things that are pretty different from their state but It wasn’t possible to travel in the 2020 year because of the pandemic situation of the world. Most of us have not left our state even. So, this shop will let you find the items and products around the world and provide you at your doorstep. You can order everything you love or you feel attracted to. Anything you want like hot sauces, spices, teas, mustards, syrups, and other tastes you love you can order directly from this store.

Price: Starts from $40 /month

Gentleman’s Box—for the snazzy dresser

Now it’s a big deal about dressing sense for the people who love to wear ties, tie bars, square pockets, spruce grey jackets, color themes with overwhelming accessories. The Gentleman’s box is for them for a monthly selection of boxes full of ties, socks, cufflinks, tie bar, or other dressing accessories. Such as watches, sunglasses, wallet, money clips, and a tray for odds and ends everything fascinating.

The boxes receive each month with an amazing  booklet inside details about the selection of months that fit together according to the customer’s priority. Because of the pandemic situation, it’s good to order online that would be safe enough for you and to get quality products from us at your doorstep. So what are you waiting for?

Price: depends on the box and number of items you want to include but approximately costs you from $35 to $100 / box.

All-you-can-play service—for the gamers

Tired of playing a single game daily then why don’t you join tons of games by getting access to them. All the new and latest games on Netflix are in your reach now by on-demand services. You can dive into the Sony PS Now games like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of Wars series are now in your access. All the Apple Arcade games and Xbox Game Pass for Gears 5 are available here for you. You can order for access at a reasonable price.

Price: You have to pay just $10 / month for the PS Now and Xbox Game Pass and $5/ month for the Apple Arcade games.