Not everyone has the privilege of living at walking distance from their workplaces, educational institutions, or even the grocery stores, which makes owning a personal car a necessity. For such people, transportation is the biggest expense in their budget. Purchasing and maintaining a vehicle is inherently expensive for most Americans, and car insurance is an added expense that has its own significance. Car insurance can be very heavy on your pocket if you have picked the wrong company for your car insurance. With little effort and research, you can find a suitable car insurance company and stop letting car insurance eat up your budget.

We have carefully selected some of the best car insurance companies in the country, and we have listed the features, pros, cons, and suitability of each of them. It will help you to make an informed decision about your car insurance. Keep reading to know more.


Every car owner who doesn’t drive frequently finds it difficult to choose suitable car insurance. When someone is driving less than other drivers, they should not have the same car insurance premium. After all, the main objective of getting auto insurance is to support the drivers in case of an accident and when a driver is using the car infrequently, the chances of accidents are less too. That means you are a star for your car insurance company as they are saving big money from you being an infrequent driver.

Metromile is an inclusive auto insurance company that provides benefits to the drivers who choose to drive less than the average driver. If you get your car insured by Metromile, the annual insurance rate will depend on how many miles you drive every year and not on the miles chosen by your insurance company.

The pay per mile option of Metromile will allow you to save up to 500 dollars per month. People who use public transport or bikes which have extensive health benefits too for their daily commute should get their car insured by Metromile. This would suit their lifestyle and well as budget too.


  • An integrated mobile application that helps in managing vehicle ownership expenses, finding your car parked in a busy place, updating you with the street sweeping timings of some major cities and so much more.
  • Car owners can submit any potential claims conveniently via the Mobile App
  • No charges for over 250 miles of drive in one day. You can easily take any route on your road trip without worrying about the costs related.


  • Best for low Mileage drivers because the company is offering Pay per mile payment plan.
  • Signing Up for car insurance is easier and quicker. In a matter of a few minutes, you are done with the whole process.


  • The Company has limited availability. Currently, offerings its insurance plans in just eight states.

Who Can Benefit From Metromile Insurance?

Metromile is best for drivers who drive less than 10k miles annually. The pay per mile structure fit in your budget easily and low mileage drivers don’t have to pay any extra premiums as they aren’t using their cars frequently making it the most suitable choice for them

 Liberty Mutual:

Liberty Mutual is well-known in the insurance industry for its amazing customer service. J.D Powers ranked the company on the 2nd number for its customer service in the year 2012. To get your car insured you can talk to an agent of the company or easily get a quote online.


  • The best feature of Liberty Mutual is its accident forgiveness. A single claim doesn’t affect your insurance premium.
  • The Car Replacement Program is another shining feature of Liberty Mutual. The insurance company will pay you enough sum of money for your claims that enables you to buy the same model of car in the first year of insurance.
  • While most of the other insurance companies don’t offer this and only provide a depreciated value of a car in case of a crash in the first year.


  • Accidents are unfortunate yet inevitable so a single claim should not affect your rates. Liberty Mutual acknowledges this and therefore provides accident forgiveness.
  • Cars depreciate their value very quickly and if you have experienced an accident in your first purchase year many insurance companies will pay less than the original price of the car. Liberty Mutual cares for its customers and ensures that you are paid enough to buy the same car if an accident occurs in the first year.


  • The basic rates are higher than other options available in the market. But with the perks offered by the company, they are worth every penny.

Who Can Benefit From Liberty Mutual Insurance?

Suppose you are part of a group that gets incentives and discounts from Liberty Mutual, then it’s best to go for it. Otherwise, it would be an expensive option as compared to other companies in the market. It depends on how much you want to invest to become ultimately stress-free.


 Founded in 2016, Gabi is a new company that is not an insurance provider but it supports auto owners to compare various insurance plans of the companies. The company has made it convenient for everyone to quickly choose the best plan for them without putting in a lot of effort. The website claims that it has helped 70 percent of the customers to find the best opportunities for them. With their recommendations, the car owners can save 825$ per year on insurance.


The website is very customer friendly and you can simply start the process by filling a questionnaire. The next step is to provide information about your current insurance plan. Then Gabi will generate new insurance options in less than two minutes. You’ll be able to compare your existing insurance coverage with the brand-new options and determine the best one for you.  If you don’t have any insurance and are looking for a new one the entire process is completed even more quickly.


  • Customers who use Gabi to select their car insurance can save big money.
  • The process is fast and convenient. No lengthy forms or questionnaires. Some straightforward relevant questions and you’ll get the most affordable options quickly.
  • Saves you from the hassles of contacting multiple companies to find the best quotes. You can get all the desired information on a single platform.


  • Not suitable for privacy freaks as the website will ask you for your phone number and email address.
  • Longer wait duration when attempting to contact the customer support team.

Who Can Benefit From Gabi Insurance?

Gabi is completely free and everyone who is looking for an insurance policy that fits their budget can utilize Gabi.


Progressive is one of the largest auto insurance providers in America. The company offers unique features and options. Progressive presents you with all the accurate information that helps you make the right insurance decision. As a leading insurance provider, you can find the best insurance policy from Progressive.


  • Progressive is an outstanding insurance provider that has been working in the industry since 1937. When you are looking for a quote on its website, the company will guide you with different options from multiple companies. This will allow you to choose the best option for you and you have all the right information in hand to make the best decision. 
  • Progressive offers amazing discounts that will make your plan even more affordable.
  • You can simply choose a price for your insurance policy and the company will do all the calculations to come up with the best plan that suits your requirements and budget. You can quickly compare the proposed insurance policy with the other option to check which one is best for you.


  • Pet-Friendly Insurance Plans. If you have a pet home that travels with you, they are also covered under the policy.
  • Multiple deals and discounts for customers.


  • There is a possibility you will find a better insurance plan from another company so you end up not working with Progressive.

Who Can Benefit From Progressive Insurance?

Progressive is a trusted name when it comes to car insurance. The company is equally suitable for everyone as they provide custom-built plans. If you are flexible with your budgets, use the company’s online tool to see what the company has to offer.


Esurance is a car insurance provider company that sells auto insurance by phone or online. Esurance is now owned by Allstate Insurance Company. This is why you’ll find a lot of similarities between the two companies’ policies. However, Esurance still has a lot of unique features to offer. The company is acclaimed for its low quotes and outstanding customer service. You can conveniently get a quote online and the customer service representatives are also available for assistance 24/7. Buying a policy is now easier than ever because Esurance is offering policies at the most affordable prices.


  • A remarkably smooth online premium buying process. You will not face any obstacles during the process because of the streamlined service. Quote generation and signing up is a fast-paced process.
  • The Car Match Rental Coverage Program by Esurance is a unique feature. You’ll be able to rent the same sized car as your regular car for 45 days if you’ve met with an accident. The costs will be covered by the insurance company.


  • Affordable options and a wide variety of discounts are also available.
  • User-friendly website.


  • The customer reviews reveal that the claim process is a bit complicated which is definitely a big disadvantage.

Who can benefit from Esurance Insurance?

If you are an online shopping enthusiast and want to manage everything from your gadgets, Esurance is just the right choice for you. The whole insurance buying procedure is hassle-free and painless. Carefully look at the discounts offered by the company as it provides great incentives to certain associations, competent drivers, and more.


Allstate Corporation is a prominent car insurer that produces some champion ads. These ads will always remind you that accidents can happen anywhere anytime and compel you to evaluate your current insurance plans. Allstate has a good standing in the insurance industry and they have some beneficial insurance plans and offer customer-friendly perks.

Allstate offers its customers an instant quote that they can order online. After getting a quote the car owners can easily maintain their policy online. A lower insurance rate is guaranteed if you are eligible for the discount programs offered by the company. Good Student, good driver, and multivehicle are some of the discounts the insurer is offering. Roadside services and assistance are definitely a selling point of Allstate car insurance policies.


  • One of the most influential insurance companies in America offering the best insurance plans for car owners.
  • Rewards for skilled drivers. Drivewise is a mobile application that will record all your driving activities and you are entitled to get discounts for being a good driver.
  • New Car replacement and accident forgiveness are also available with some plans.


  • Amazing Discounts
  • Group Discounts.
  • Instant online quotes


  • The customer support service is average and people have mixed reviews about the claim procedures.

Who Can Benefit From Allstate Insurance?

Frequent drivers can benefit the most from Allstate’s car insurance plans. The discount options are extensive making it suitable for almost every driver out there in the country and you can easily find an affordable insurance policy from Allstate.

State Farm:

State Farm is America’s largest car insurance company that offers numerous kinds of policies. The company encourages safe driving by giving incentives to young drivers who never indulge in unsafe driving practices.


  • State Farm believes in providing the best customer support service. Live agents are available to answer all your queries and help you with everything.
  • The company only asks you to list at-fault accidents that occurred in the past three years while other companies will notify you to list every at-fault accident that happened in the past five years. This is a huge advantage and has a significant impact on your premium.
  • The company provides rent a car option and also pays for travel expenses if your car becomes faulty and you have no other alternative other than renting a car to get back home. If your vehicle has endured an accident in a region that is 50 miles away from your home, the company will reimburse up to $ 500 to cover the travel expenses.
  • State Farm also offers rideshare insurance. Talk to an agent to choose the best rideshare insurance policy.


  • Live Customer Support- You can talk to agents in real-time to clear all your confusion and to get an answer for all your queries.
  • The Steer Clear Diver Program- Every driver who hasn’t been in an accident in the past three years and is under the age of 25 is eligible to take an online course. After completing this course the eligible drivers will negotiate their premiums and get one at discounted prices.
  • Excellent Customer Support Service


  • The discounts fluctuate according to the state you’re in.  Always check the premium rates of your state to ensure that you’re getting a good deal.
  • The insurance policies are a little more expensive than the competitors.

Who Can Benefit From State Farm Insurance?

If you’re a driver who travels more than 50 miles away from your residence regularly, State Farm insurance policies will be the most suitable choice for you. Their policies will enable you to get back to your home comfortably if you had been in an accident without worrying about the expenses. Who doesn’t love the best customer support? State Farm will never disappoint you in this domain and you will never regret working with them.


GEICO is a pro when it comes to producing the best car insurance advertisements and you must have seen at least one of them.  The company frequently advertises that if you choose to work with them you can save up to 15% on car insurance. However, it’s not essential that everyone can benefit from their policies even if the rates are 15% cheaper. After receiving a quote from the company, give appropriate attention to the fine print to ensure that you don’t overlook any important clause and you make an informed decision about your car insurance.

The company offers incredible discounts and cheaper quotes. Defensive driving pieces of training and investing in a high-end car with safety equipment can help to get cheaper rates.Special discounts are available for membership organizations, high-performing students, military personals, federal employees, and young adults.


  • Instant online quotes via talking to the live agents on their website or you can also contact them on their social media accounts.
  • The filing of claims is easier through the mobile application.


  • The potential customers can instantly receive a quote from GEICO. This way you can make a quick decision and get your car insured immediately.
  • Amazing discounts for everyone that will reduce your insurance rates to the maximum.


  • GEICO doesn’t have a great agent presence. GEICO has a considerable number of agents still there is a possibility that you won’t find one in your local community.

Who Can Benefit From GEICO Insurance?

GEICO is equally suitable for every driver but if you are looking for good deals, you must know that all the best deals are provided to members of a group eligible for discounts. If you’re a member of any of them then GEICO is the way to go. If you want to buy a car insurance plan from GEICO, search for every discount that you can avail of and add them up to receive the best rates.

What is the best way to find great car insurance?

Finding suitable car insurance is not easy and requires effort and research. It’s tough to know whether the policy you’re investing is the right one for you or not. The key to finding the best auto insurance plan is to compare different companies. The rate is undoubtedly a fundamental factor but it’s also crucial to know that the coverage offered by the car insurance company matches your risk tolerance profile and daily lifestyle. The high-rated companies mostly offer adequate insurance plans but to get the most out of the insurance plan you should also consider the added services that the company offers. They would be valuable in the long run and you can save thousands of bucks by taking advantage of these services. Look for roadside assistance, towing cost coverage, and other additional benefits before selecting a plan.

Wrapping Up:

Car insurance should fit in your budget and to ensure that your hard-earned money is invested in the right plan that will benefit you in times of need.  It’s recommended to do thorough research to determine the best company that suits your budget and lifestyle.  Pay attention to intricate details of the policy before taking an action but once you have decided, don’t hesitate to switch your policy today.