Did you know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects a thirteen percent growth for the HVAC sector in 2021? If not, then now is the time to think about choosing a career in the HVAC industry. As an HVAC technician, you will be starting with an annual package $48,000. 

Knowing a few things up front will help you become a skilled HVAC technician. Firstly, you need to make sure to acquire proper training starting with attending courses and training from well-reputed institutions. Look for institutions that offer programs at a fee that is affordable. It is best to find an HVAC course that suits your interest.

Go for EPA type 1 certification if you have more interest in repairing small appliances such as room air conditioners and heaters. Choose the EPA type 2 certification if you are more interested in repairing and maintaining more powerful, high-pressure systems. The type 3 certification will make you a skilled service expert for low-pressure systems.

These are just some of the more common types of certifications available. Visiting the institute or exploring your options online will provide you firsthand information on other courses. If becoming an HVAC technician online is your ambition, then doing the following will help greatly help you:

What does an HVAC technician do?

As a HVAC technician, you will be learning different sets of specialized skills. It is known that on average, residential units have two or three primary cooling or heating systems for climate control purposes.

These systems remain in use all year long. Use of cooling systems during summer and heating systems during winter is a norm. Also known as climate control systems, HVAC solutions are designed to raise your comfort level for everyday living. Constantly using these systems means they will be needing service every six month or so. As a HVAC technician, you will be providing repair and maintenance for the unit to run efficiently. In short, your skills will keep heating and cooling systems run more efficiently.  

Proficient HVAC technicians fall in different categories. Some technicians may prefer to repair the system while others may be comfortable service. Some take off and install the unit while others may repair and replace components. Technicians despite knowing how to remove, repair and install the hardware, do this to save time and money.

An HVAC technician also provides specialized repair jobs for repairing a HVAC solution. Known as supervisors, these professionals oversee the installation of your cooling or heating appliance. HVAC technicians can troubleshoot the damage and repair the machine. You will be preparing invoices and bills once the job is completed. HVAC technicians also provide technical and general support or the appliances.

Technicians provide care to the HVAC solution by installing wiring systems for protecting the appliance from low voltage fluctuations. You will be dealing with customer and sales departments when working for large companies. Likewise, some HVAC services offer round the clock service by charging extra in case of an emergency.

It is necessary for all HVAC technicians to keep their tools with them. Tools such as a hammer, a stepladder, measure tape, hammers, nails, and ladders will help you resolve complaints. Keep specialty tools such as manifold gauge, cordless drill, tube cutter with you. You can also work for companies as a plumbing contractor or HVAC specialist in case you want to work as a self-employed professional.

Know this when registering for online HVAC programs and courses

Explore online training programs and courses for becoming a proficient HVAC technician. Simply put, you can be a HVAC technician from your home just by attending online lectures and submitting assignments online.  You will also be attending sessions of live streaming from time to time. Register in an online course or training program if there are new nearby campuses.

Those who register for online courses become liable for externship programs. Your course provider will provide your externship to you locally. Learn more about the program and internship by getting in touch with the program provider and coordinator.

Those who pursue HVAC training programs must comply with state regulations. Know that every state has its own set of regulations that HVAC technicians must comply with in order to get the license to operate in that state. Compliance and licensure are must haves for every technician so get the license.

In addition, you need to appear in a certification or diploma program to become a licensed technician. After this, you will appear in a competency test at an authorized exam center.  Acquiring these will register you as an authorized HVAC technician from a registered board.

Try affordable online courses and programs

Begin your search by doing your own research online. Knowing about available programs and courses will help you find those that interest you. Many HVAC training programs are now available. You will find programs that are free of cost, while some programs will cost you. Keep your budget in mind and make sure to opt for a program that falls in your budget. Try going to free programs and training courses if they fit your requirements.

It is for you to decide whether to go for courses that are free or or opt for those that cost you a fee. Find institutions that offer relevant programs under both categories:

·         Penn Foster College: offers programs to students in different categories. Students have the option to complete the course in six months. Programs are accredited and customized payment plans are available.

·         Udemy HVAC Courses: students can opt for courses for as low as $20 backed by a limited money back scheme.

·         Ivy Tech Community College: here students find both hands-on training; short-term certificates and degrees. Professional consultants are available for each program.

·         Ashworth College: 6-month program completion is possible; EPA Section 608 study guide available; a $75 discount is available with certification exam of ESCO Institute 608.

Duration of completion for online HVAC training?

You can continue the course at the pace of your choice as many institutes offer it. As a HVAC technician, you can continue with your current employment with the course. Many attending an HVAC program will likely prefer this option as it lets them complete the course without becoming a financial burden on others. The variety of courses and programs means that HVAC technicians can always enroll in one or more programs simultaneously. Some of these programs can be completed in two years.

Optional financial assistance for online HVAC training is available

Students looking to secure financial assistance for continuing their education can exercise options. They can secure loans that they can repay as the course proceeds. The other option is the financial grant for students who lack financial resources. All you have to do is to complete the free of cost fee application (FAFSA) to apply for Pell Grant, and complete the training program without paying anything.

For some students who may be hesitant in applying for the program, they can apply for friendly term loans including William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. Another option is the Sallie Mae Career Training Smart Option Loan.

Other financial options such as $500 sponsorship and a vocational scholarship for those who manage studies with a job are also available. These programs facilitate students to the extent that they become professional HVAC technicians in the discipline they choose.