7 Beautiful Genetic Conditions

Science is an endless wonder that creates some of the most interesting and unique things we see on this planet. Nature, astrology, or even biology, can manifest compellingly presentations of what the word “beautiful” or “stunning” mean. In this case, we wanted to highlight some of the most beautiful genetic conditions that come out of reproduction and mutations as a celebration of those unique characteristics. Here are some of the most gorgeous and remarkable conditions. 


Heterochromia is a condition in which a person’s irises are two different colors. Sometimes it can manifest in both eyes, but for the most part, it is seen with just one eye such as Kate Bosworth’s. 


A condition that makes one have light hair, skin, and eyes caused by melanin. 


While birthmarks are not uncommon, ones that develop white hair are quite rare. It usually takes place in the hairline or seen anywhere hair grows. The birthmark creates a Cruella de Vil look that is strikingly beautiful. 

Gapped Eyebrows

This condition is self-explanatory, and one often replicated as the poster child “badass” in any film or television show. It is no wonder it has that connotation, given that the condition looks amazingly cool. 


Vitiligo is a disease that loses its loss of pigmentation in some skin cells, resulting in a pale white patch. It shows up differently in every person, creating these uniquely gorgeous patterns in models like Winnie 

Harlow and Tia Jonsson. 

Cat Eye Syndrome 

Cat eye syndrome makes the irises of an eye look like a cat’s, caused by a chromosome abnormality in humans.

Coloboma Eye Syndrome 

As you can see, there are a lot of different irregularities with retinas. Coloboma eyes have a dark center that reaches the bottom of the eye, giving the pupil a different shape. Although stunning, this syndrome can cause nerves to have low vision. 

Nature and biology are beautiful! With all the uniqueness, we love to celebrate our fellow cool humans <3