Pets are not just fluffy adorable companions, but family members. However, when your passion in life is to see and care for as many cute pets as possible, you probably are bound to be a loving veterinarian.

Working on what you love is a huge blessing and the veterinarians in these pictures are glowing with happiness being able to help all these adorable animals. Every single one of them will inspire you to thank your veterinarian at your pet’s next visit!

1. Let’s Calm Down

The first step for any successful vet visit is to calm down the patient. This veterinarian seems to have succeeded at calming the pup with hugs and kisses. Such a sweet dog and a gentle veterinarian! Everyone would like to have such a caring professional looking after their fur-children. 

2. Checking On The Patient

We’re pretty sure that when the head veterinarian told this vet assistant to check on this puppy, they didn’t mean to take a nap with it. But let’s be honest, we would all love to do the same. They just look so happy and cozy! Who needs a bed or sofa when you have with you the fluffiest pup ever?

3. Smile For The Camera!

This veterinarian seems quite excited about holding this extremely soft-looking kitten. Those amazing smiles are just contagious and you can bet someone who’s this happy at their workplace will do an amazing job. This kitten is definitely in great hands!

4. Gentle Giant

One of the difficulties of being a veterinarian has to be when the pet is several inches taller than you. Another difficulty must be when said giant wants to kiss your face all the time instead of getting treated. This gentle giant of a dog must be saying “thank you” to this very surprised veterinarian. How can she hold this dog’s weight? She must be stronger than what her height could lead someone to think.

5. Stinky Business

At a vet’s clinic, you never know what kind of animal might come through the clinic’s doors. This time around this veterinarian had to work with a skunk. Many common people would’ve fled at the site of a skunk rather than risking being covered in a dreadful smell. However, this veterinarian knows exactly how sweet and loyal can pet skunks be and is having a great time getting to know his new patient.

6. You’re Feeling Very Sleepy…

Though we cannot see this veterinarian’s face, we are pretty sure that she must love her job seeing how relaxed this chihuahua is on her hands. A perfectly happy and sleepy chihuahua can certainly only be attained when a veterinarian team loves and cares for every animal they tend to.

7. In Cloud Nine

Not only does this veterinarian look like he is enjoying the best time of his life, but anyone would also think he is being attacked by a handful of tiny fluffy clouds. We bet these kittens attempted to escape and the vet went down trying to stop them, but he certainly doesn’t mind the fluffy barrage.

8. Didn’t Say Cheese

This little rodent did not smile for the camera since he was quite concerned about being held so high above the floor. Any wrong move from the veterinarian and this rodent would stop being Mr. “Mice” Guy and escape as fast as he could. Regardless, this veterinarian seemed very pleased with his job and patient!

9. Just Act Natural

This veterinarian is trying her best to calm down this anxious dog. But it doesn’t seem to be working. We are sure the veterinarian team did an amazing job, but the pup would probably rather not go back to the clinic any time soon.

10. Overnight Stay

Some pets will need overnight care and the veterinarian technicians will be there to look out for their health. In this case, the vet tech decided to share her pillow with her overnight patient. What better way of keeping an eye on her patient? She takes a break and you can be certain the pup made a speedy recovery.

11. The Thank You Kiss

This dog probably doesn’t know exactly what’s going on. All she knows is that it is feeling better and the man in blue scrubs is responsible. The veterinarian most likely did not expect to get licked on the face while applying IV fluids, but we are very certain he appreciated the gesture.

12. Ready For Surgery

Whether this veterinarian is taking this sweet kitten for surgery or as her assistant we shall never know. What we do know is that they are both ready for their tasks to come! The way the vet is carrying the kitten and the way the kitten looks at her, you can be 100% sure they trust each other.

13.Vet For Generations

One of the most rewarding things about being a veterinarian must be when pet owners trust you to treat every single one of their pets, even several generations of them. This vet in the picture must be incredibly happy to see his patient’s offspring stopping by the vet clinic! Plus, they are puppies. Puppies can make anyone happy.

14. Got Cattitude?

Though this veterinarian is more than glad to check on this tiny black kitten, the kitten is not amused with the situation. It thinks the vet clinic is a paw-ful place to be. Not to worry, little kitten, this vet adores you and will take great care of you.

15. Good-bye Hugs

Despite all the cute animals, being a veterinarian is not easy. They have to make difficult decisions from time to time, and at the end of the day, they always have to say goodbye to their beloved pet patients.

It may not seem like it, but veterinarians and vet techs come to love your pets as their own and will always look forward to your pet’s next check-up. How can you thank your veterinarian? We bet that keeping your pet healthy and not missing their annual check-ups is a perfect thank you!